Ural Goes Electric, Starting With This Electric Motorcycle With Sidecar

The first time when write about Ural Motorcycles way back in 2012 and this motorcycle maker best known for its motorcycle with sidecar wasn’t on our sight until last month when someone turned one into a mobile cafe. Today, Ural has our attention again – thanks to the an Ural All-electric Prototype… with a sidecar. […]

This Is Harley Davidson’s Production-ready LiveWire Electric Bike

Just a few months ago, we heard that Harley-Davidson’s first all-electric two-wheelers is set to tear up the roads in 2019 and at last week’s EICMA Show, the American bike maker brought along a production version – now with dabs of orange paint job. Along with the production-ready model, Harley-Davidson also brought to the table […]

Husqvarna Introduces First Electric Bike And New Gorgeous Models

Husqvarna Motorcycles, best known for their off-road dirt bikes, is finally getting into the electric bike game and it is starting with this little guy called EE 5. EE 5 takes is of a typical scrambler design with knobby tires, high-end chassis based on race proven technology, ergonomic bodywork with adjustable seat height, and WP […]

Meet The First Motorcycle With Bodywork Made Of Copper

What happens when a designer worked with a furniture maker to design a motorcycle? Well, the result is this gorgeous motorcycle called Trimarchi Samotracia Copper Motorbike. This radical (but necessarily practical, if I may add) motorcycle is designed for Italian furniture maker De Castelli for this year’s Milan Design Week. The focus is not what […]

See See Motorcycles’ Ural Is A Literal Cafe Racer, Because Coffee Machine

Cafe racer is lightweight and often lightly powered motorcycle that is characterized by speed and agility and at one point in the 60s, bikers started using cafe racer to make quick rides between cafe (or cafe hopping, as some prefer to call it). Those what you and I know about cafe racers, but now, a […]

Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle Will Be Launch In 2019

American bike maker, Harley-Davidson, first unveiled its plan to get into the electric movement with Project LiveWire back in 2014. Fast forward to 2018, the company confirms that the 2014 concept will be available as soon as next year. However, while there is light at the end of the tunnel for the 4-year-old concept, details […]

Pocket Rocket Is An Electric Bike Like You Never Seen Before

What’s your impression of electric motorcycles? They look like ordinary motorcycles but powered by electric motor? You are not wrong. But that is set to change with Stuttgart-based electric bike maker Sol Motor’s Pocket Rocket. It may look like an ebike with a design similar to Uni Micro’s newest example, but it is not. It […]

Image: Troy Corser And Herbert Schwab Astride A BMW R 57 Kompressor At Goodwood Revival

An image showing Australian racing legend Troy Corser and Herbert Schwab riding on a BMW R 57 Kompressor to an overall win at the Barry Sheen Memorial Trophy at Goodwood Revival. The first race on that Saturday saw the duo coming in at third place after a false start, but on the second race on […]

You Heard Of Autonomous Cars, Now Meet The Autonomous Motorcycle

Autonomous cars are not new, but an autonomous motorcycle? Well, that’s new and kind of bizarre too. Bizarre because, a motorcycle making the journey without a person makes it look like scene from Scooby-Doo. But rest assure, BMW self-riding motorcycle is anything but supernatural. So, yeah. Self-riding motorcycle is a thing now and apparently, it […]

Hera Is Curtiss’ All-Electric Motorcycle That Has “V8 Battery”

Do you know Curtiss Motorcycle Company? No? How about Confederate Motorcycles then? Curtiss Motorcycles was formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles, the company that made ridiculously good-looking two-wheelers. Now that you know that, you also need to know it now makes electric motorcycles and the ride here, called Hera, is the company’s upcoming all-electric flagship that […]