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going natural with KARVT wood based skins for iPhone

KARVT iPhone 4 skins OAK - Natural 544px
(image credit: KARVT) KARVT Wood Skin for iPhone | from US$15.00 |

Gelaskins practically kick started skinning of our gadgets. but if the 3M vinyl stickers with fancy graphics is not for you, how about going on a more serious note with wood-skins? sure, you can always get a bamboo made iPhone case but that adds bulk while the KARVT doesn’t. however, the trade off is, much lesser protection for your phone.

there are different kind of woods to choose from, ranging from Alder to Pine to Walnut. the KARVT skins set comprises of front and back skin cover. however, ordering for the ‘Back’ only skin is possible too. prices start from $15 for 3GS and from $25 for iPhone 4 skins. there’s also a Limited Edition Hydro74 Owl designed by Orlando-based artist… Hydro74 on maple wood, which cost $30.

do note that the skins only cover the front and back, while sides and corners still remain exposed. its a fair trade between beauty (& slimness) and (serious) protections. i am cautious. for now, ultra thin, and almost no protection case is the farthest i will go with my iPhone 4. but the KARVT item is really beautiful and it took me much effort to peel my eyes off them.

KARVT also has wood skins for both MacBooks and iPads too.

KARVT iPhone 4 Hydro74 on Maple 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

KARVT iPhone 4 skins 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

your iPhone becomes your Meat Thermometer with iGrill

iGrill device and app 544px
iGrill Thermometer for iOS devices | US$99.00 |

iPhone has almost any kind app for almost anything and in the absence of an app that does the job, it has almost any kind of attachments you can think of to cover that. it has microscope attachment, POS machine dock, professional-grade microphone and now, it has a Meat Thermometer, dubbed the iGrill, that will have your turkey oven-baked to the right temperature.

the iGrill consists of two parts: the iGrill hardware and the iGrill companion app. the iGrill hardware monitors the temperature of your meat by inserting a probe into the meat in question. the current temperature is reported via the visual on the hardware itself or to your iPhone companion app via a 200ft range Bluetooth. magic.

the iPhone app will alert you when the pre-set temperature has been reached, giving you a peace of mind to mingle with your guests or pay attention to the last minute tidying up of your house before the guests arrive. actually, the former shouldn’t be the case, i thought food should be prepared well before the guests arrive. isn’t it?

keeping your meat in-check ain’t going to be cheap. the iGrill hardware costs $99 a pop which comes package with one iGrill probe and four AA batteries. additional probes can be purchase at $19.99. the iGrill companion app for iPhone is free, though and its available now on the appstore.

via CrunchGear

a Bluetooth keyboard that protects your iPad as well

ThinkGeek iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case img1 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case | US$59.99 |

touchscreen is great but somehow typing anything longer than a text messages becomes a chore. then we realize we misses something: the tactile touch. before the tactile touchscreen becomes a reality, we have to settle for an external keyboard for our touchscreen devices if we want a tactile feel. i admit, i felt less incline to compose emails on both my iPhone and iPad because it just don’t feel right. Continue reading a Bluetooth keyboard that protects your iPad as well

PhoneXPhone turns your iPhone to a fixed line home phone

Hashy Top-In PhoneXPhone 544px
Hashy Top-In PhoneXPhone iPhone Dock | ¥2,000 |
(image credit: Hashy Top-In)

answering your iPhone while being charged can be quite an inconvenience and impossible if its docked. unless you have a Bluetooth headset paired with it. understanding this, a Japanese manufacturer came up with a novel idea: an iPhone dock that comes with a receiver, known as the PhoneXPhone. yea, receiver. you know those fixed line phone receiver?

designed to look like a typical fixed line phone, the Hashy Top-In PhoneXPhone spots a receiver for answering calls which connects to the base via the curly telephone cord. while your iPhone is in the cradle, you can still use the phone’s functions such as text messaging and other apps. the iPhone function through the receiver via a 3.5mm jack connected to the PhoneXPhone.

when using the PhoneXPhone, your iPhone touchscreen functions as the keypad on a fixed line phone. how many fixed line phone can claim to have a capacitive touchscreen and access to the Address Book? the PhoneXPhone is available now and retails at ¥2,000 (about U$24).


Gear4 rolls out Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 544px
(image credit: Gear4) Gear4 Angry Birds case | US$24.99 |

calling out all Angry Birds fans. not sure if you’re a fan? here’s an indicative tell-tale sign: if you are crazy enough to get the Angry Birds costume for Halloween, then you’re a fan. nah… in any case, Gear4 rolls out the Angry Birds themed cases for both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th Gen).

there are three designs for you to chose from, namely, the red bird, yellow bird and pig king. perhaps, Gear4 figured that the Angry Birds fan base is huge enough to justify for its own ‘brand’ of cover, and even if there wasn’t, these cute looking, brightly hued cases might even attract general non-fans.

the cases, made out of hard plastic, are touted to be “super slim design” and snaps on to your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and as usual, you will have access to all the iPhone’s (and iPod Touch) ports and buttons. strange that an angry bird can be so adorable. angrily cute or cute anger?

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPod Touch 544px
(image credit: Gear4)

lock down your iPad physically with MacLocks

MacLocks iPad Security Lock & Cover 544pxMacLocks iPad Lock & Security Case Bundle | US$64.95 |
(image credit: Mac Locks)

being portable, the iPad is subjected to prying eyes waiting for you to turn your attention away from the iPad for a second and unlike most laptops, iPad does not have Kensington lock built-in to secure it. then again, its far too thin to incorporate one (the Kensington lock) anyway. MacLocks is a specialist in locking up Apple products, so not surprisingly that they have one for iPad as well. Continue reading lock down your iPad physically with MacLocks

concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Grassy Lawn Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Grassy Lawn Charging Station | US$24.99 |

it can be mess trying to charge all your gadgets all at the same time and the wires snaking around isn’t going to be a pleasant sight. solution? you can either choose to go wireless charging (albeit, pricier but more ‘high-tech’) or you can get yourself the Grassy Lawn Charging Station. Continue reading concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

the OWLE turns your iPhone 4 into a hand-held HD-video rig

The Owle iPhone 4 Video Rig img1 544px
(image credit: Photojojo) The OWLE iPhone Video Rig | from US$159.00 |

if you’re feeling aspired by the iPhone 4 HD videoing capability but the phone does not weigh up to be a real handheld rig, then this might be just for you. OWLE is basically an encasement custom for iPhone 4 dedicated for shooting videos. the weighty feel and the dual grip on the OWLE, provides aspiring videographer a more stable filming experience. the OWLE is also available for 3GS.

the OWLE is machined out of a single block of aluminum, anodized and features a 37mm 0.45x wide-angle lens with macro optics. it also comes with an adjustable, high sensitivity VeriCorder mic – which is like a miniature version of the big recording mic. other features include ability to accommodate third-party lenses (37mm) and filters (49mm), cold shoe accessory mount, four tripod sockets in each corner and dual grips for added stability when doing your filming.

so aspiring film makers, dig this. now you can go about filming HD quality film with your iPhone 4 and capture moments that might be just be the next blockbuster movie. the OWLE measures 4.75 x 6 x 1.75 inches, hence with it stalled, your iPhone 4-turn-HD video rig will not be that pocket friendly anymore but then again, it is still quite compact for a video rig. isn’t it? so perhaps we might see some HD movie filmed entirely with iPhone 4?

the OWLE for iPhone 4 and 3GS retails at $169.00 and $159.00 respectively and is available at Photojojo Store.

The Owle iPhone 4 Video Rig img2 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

The Owle iPhone 4 Video Rig img5 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

The Owle iPhone 4 Video Rig img3 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

a tail for propping your iPhone up: Mobile Tail

Studiooo Factory Mobile Tail img1 544px
(image credit: Studiooo Factory) Studiooo Factory Mobile Tail | US$6.50 |

if you are those who likes to prop your phone for video viewing or whatever, then the Mobile Tail from Studiooo Factory might a fun way to do so. as the name suggest, this nifty gadget does look like a tail. we wouldn’t know the tail was modeled after which animal but the more we look at it, we find it looks rather rat-ish.

designed by Sangwoo Park & Jongwon Park, the Mobile Tail measures 125 mm and is made of liquid silicone rubber which is heat resistant, odorless and non-toxic. though its non-toxic, please refrain from putting this in your mouth. for the sake of hygiene. animal lovers will be glad to know that portion of the profits from this $6.50 item will be donated to an animal preservation group.

an ideal sock stuffer for this coming Christmas. simple and affordable. what other reasons do you need to grab one of these? if animal’s tail isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a miniature toilet plunger phone stand might appeal to you.

Studiooo Factory Mobile Tail img2 544px
an conventional way of propping up your mobile phone
(image credit: Studiooo Factory)

true universal wireless charging that charges almost anything

ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ElectroHub) ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station | US$39.00

wireless charging is convenient and eliminates the constant frustration with wires, especially if you have multiple devices to charge at the same time. however, current option for wireless charging requires the device to be charged to don special case which may not as ideal. things are looking to change with the ElectroHub wireless charging station, set to debut at the CES 2011. ElectroHub is designed to work with virtually all electronic devices.

unlike the Powermat, it doesn’t require any special casing for your device but instead, it provides special ElectroHub batteries in form of AA or AAA sizes. to turn your device into ElectroHub-complaint, all you have to do is to replace the original battery of your device with the ElectroHub batteries, place your device on top of the ElectroHub and starts charging away. the charging station measures 233 x 155 x 20mm, is capable of charging up to six devices at a time.

in cases where devices doesn’t have replaceable batteries, user can get a special protective case that converts the charging effect to the device internal battery, much like what the Powermat does. the ElectroHub will cost $39 which includes one set of ElectroHub batteries, and additional battery sets can be purchased separately at $10 each. the ElectroHub is expected to be available first quarter of 2011.