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Accessories for gadgets including cases, lenses, bags, tripods and the likes.

iLuv foldable leather case for iPad

iLuv foldable iPad leather case 544px
(photo source: mikeshouts)

this is really worthly of a mention. the foldable leather case for iPad by iLuv. i haven’t been bringing my iPad out more than a few steps out of my room. call me paranoid, a freak or whatever. i felt ‘exposed’ without any protection and seriously, the hump of the iPad is rather annoying, therefore i had to have something that stops it from wobbling while i’m typing on my iPad. while waiting patiently for the DODOcase to arrive, this iLuv product will have to do for the next 5-6 weeks and it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. so why not? Continue reading iLuv foldable leather case for iPad

DODOcase Made by Hand iPad case

DODOcase - Made by Hand iPad case 544px
(photo source:

searching the net for a cool looking iPad case lands me at DODOcase. the case, known as the limited first edition DODOcase, is made by hand in San Francisco, California. being a big-time sucker for style + design, i know i gotta have one of this for my iPad.

with the influx of iPad cases in the market, this definitely stands out among the crowd. google around or pop-by any of your local stores, and you will know what i mean. after dizzying yourself out with the endless choices (of cases) in the market, you will begin to think that majority of them looks the same. DODOcase cost US$59.90 plus shipping and it takes 5-6 weeks for delivery. quite a wait but hey, it is after all, hand-made and we certainly don’t want to compromise the quality by rushing the craftsman. Continue reading DODOcase Made by Hand iPad case

Reviews: Moshi Clearguard, Gelaskins, Beyza Leather Case

Moshi Clearguard
now that i am a Mac convert (damn! the iPhone really converted me!), it is only naturally that i start seeking out for accessories to protect my very pricey ‘investment’ (if you can that investment). hitting the local forums, i chanced upon a thread about the Moshi ClearGuard Keyboard Protector (US$20). the specs and the pics appears to be pretty decent, so i thought i would give it a shot. though, not just yet cos’ it was a ‘coming soon’ product and i waited patiently, like a hungry lion waiting to pound on its prey. anyway, i jumped at it once it was available last month. i made order via AEVOE UNIVERSE, which carries Moshi products. it took a while for it reach Singapore and it sure did today – i was thrilled. let the truth be told, i was pretty thrilled to be what this elite of keyboard protector has to offer. Continue reading Reviews: Moshi Clearguard, Gelaskins, Beyza Leather Case