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MONAX gives your iPhone muscles to cope in the battlefield

Lockheed Martin MONAX img1 544px
(image credit: Lockheed Martin)

we have reaped much benefits from iPhone and its apps, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used in the battlefield as well. Lockheed Martin has just a device, called MONAX, that adapts our everyday iPhone to suit the battlefield condition and usage. the best part? it doesn’t use your everyday telco but peg on a secured military 3G network through the MONAX XG Base Station on the ground or airborne.

what’s an iPhone without apps? there’s even a military app store with a host of of apps such as facial identification app for checkpoint use and cyber security situation awareness app among others. MONAX can be accessorized too, with optional screen-sensitive gloves, for example.

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BrickCase4 lets you brick you iPhone, in a fun way

SmallWorks BrickCase4 544x311px
(image credit: SmallWorks) SmallWorks BrickCase4 | US$19.90 |

Lego fans (me included) will love this ‘Lego-compatible’ case from SmallWorks that has studs on its back (and two on top) for fans to don their iPhone with their favorite Danish bricks. it is a proper iPhone case, complete with cut-outs for camera/flash, volume, power on/off et cetera. although the cut-out for camera/flash does looks a little awkward, but what do we care as long as it works.

the BrickCase4 comes in choice of clear, white or black and retails for $19.90 on Amazon. time to gather some loose Lego bricks and let you imagination take the lead.


SuperHero and SD card has your iPhone back covered

iomega SuperHero img1 544px
(image credit: iOmega) iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone | US$69.90 |

when was the last time you backup your iPhone? regular syncing keeps your iPhone data backup on your PC or Mac updated, just in case something unfortunate happens to your iPhone. however the problem is, most of us do not religiously backup our iPhone. we only do the minimum, that is to charge it. iomega recently announced a dock for iPhone and iPod Touch that charges and backup your iOS device at the same time without having to connect to your PC or Mac. the device, called SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone, looks like any other dock from the front, but at its back is a SD card slot with a 4GB SD card that backup your iPhone while you charges it. i guess that makes the SD card the SuperHero’s sidekick. the SD card is upgradable if more storage capacity is required or switch to another SD card to backup another iPhone.

in order to get the device to work, you are required to download and install an app, aptly called SuperHero iPhone Backup app, which is available free on the appstore. the dock connects directly to a wall outlet. to charge and backup, simply dock your iPhone or iPod Touch to the SuperHero, the SuperHero app launches automatically and present you a couple of options such as ‘Backup’ or ‘Restore’. in the case of backup, it will proceed with the backup of your contacts and photos from the camera roll to the SD card while it charges your iPhone. the app also has an ‘Options’ button for user to custom what to backup or restore.

on why iomega sees the need for this device, Jonathan Huberman, president of iomega has these to say:

Our internal research and personal experiences tell us there are many iPhone users across the globe that have their entire lives on their phones and yet they rarely if ever plug their phone into their computer and back up it up… With the Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger, if disaster strikes they can restore their contacts and photos to a new iPhone by simply docking it in the SuperHero and selecting the restore button. For millions and millions of busy iPhone users, Iomega’s SuperHero Backup and Charger is the ideal alternative to a frantic cry to all your Facebook friends to resend the contact info because you lost your phone, much less never being able to retrieve those unique photos on the phone. Iomega has created an inexpensive, practical insurance policy for every iPhone user that values the data on their phones as much or more than the phone itself.

one thing to note is that the dock and app combo only supports backup of contacts and photos from the camera roll, therefore music, videos, and calendar are not covered by SuperHero backup or restore. the iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone retails at $69.90 and is available now.

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use your iPhone to monitor, share your blood pressure

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor img1 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Blood Pressure Monitor | US$tbc |

by now, you should be tired of hearing me exclaim “what else iPhone can’t do?” regardless, it is a fact and latest to join the “things that can be done using iPhone” is this gadget from Withings, called the Blood Pressure Monitor. yes, the “things that can be done using iPhone” has just reached into the health aspects. as usual, the Withings hardware works in tandem with the iPhone or iPad apps, which is free to download from iTunes store.

reading blood pressure is as simple as connecting the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor via its 30-pin connector to your iOS devices. being a “Made for iOS Device”, it will be recognized by the iOS device and the Withings app will be launched automatically. from there, all you have to do is fired up the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and the blood pressure will be taken. the readings are automatically saved on your iOS device and can be exported or shared.

i am not quite sure why would we want share our blood pressure data with anyone, except with our physicians. i guess these days we share everything or rather, sharing is everything today. hmmm.. what am i saying… in anyway, data can be uploaded to a secured private website, protected by password. the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor uses oscillometric type of measurement to take your blood pressure, which is a noninvasive method which is perfectly safe for self-use.

the device is powered independently by four AA batteries, therefore the device won’t suck off the precious juice of your iOS device. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor was announced and showcased in the recent CES 2011, but no details on the pricing yet but be patience, it is set to be available end of this month.

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breaking down the water to power your portable devices

Horizon MiniPak img1 544px
Horizon MiniPak Handheld Fuel Cell Charger | US$99.00 |

hydrogen fuel cells and biofuel seems belittled by pure electric powered stored in lithium-ion batteries. over the years, we have heard less of the the two former technologies. however, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is set to bring back this technology, this time to the palm of your hands and it even has a desktop, home refueling system called “HydroFILL” to complement the portable pack, dubbed the MiniPak.

soon to release, the MiniPak integrates a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a metal hydride storage unit, where hydrogen is stored. power is delivered via its micro-USB port with different cable options and the portable charger itself, comes with a handy LED flashlight built-in. inside the MiniPak are the solid-state HydroSTIK batteries, a battery similar to the current alkaline battery in form factor, which can be purchase when more are required.

another option is to recharge the HydroSTIK yourself, right at your home. this is made possible with the home refueling system, HydroFILL which is touted as the world’s 1st personal hydrogen station. the science of breaking water into its H and O happens within this HydroFILL, all you need is to stick the HydroSTIK in the HydroFILL, add water and plug in to the electrical wall outlet. beside wall outlet, this charging station can also accept power supplied from solar panels, or power generated by wind turbines. HydroFILL is capable of topping up one HydroSTIK per hour.

Hydrogen tends to scare people off with its usual high pressure storage but the consumer-grade HydroSTIK turns the usual high pressure gas into solid-state form, stored in the metal hydride alloys and discharges them at low pressure. each HydroSTIK can store 11 Wh of energy which is equivalent to 10 disposal AA batteries (at 1W of continuous power consumption). the MiniPak retails at $99 while the HydroFILL will set you back at $500.

Horizon MiniPak with HydroSTIK img2 544px

Horizon MiniPak with HydroSTIK 544px

Horizon MiniPak LED Flashlight 544px

Horizon HydroSTIK batteries 544px

Horizon HydroFILL - front view 544px

Horizon HydroFILL with HydroSTIK 544px


your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor 544px
(image credit: Withings) Withings Smart Baby Monitor | US$tbc |

another gadget that adds to the host of things iPhone can do. in fact, not just for iPhone, it will work just fine with iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, LCD TV – basically just about anything that has a screen and of course, with WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity. one of the two new products from Withings, is the Smart Baby Monitor, which (obviously) is video camera that lets your monitor your baby anywhere in the world. Continue reading your iPhone could also be your Baby Monitor

MOBIUS solar-power case doubles your iPhone juice

Eton MOBIUS 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON MOBIUS | US$tbc78.00 |

Eton is not new to everything that’s solar-powered and coming soon is the solar-power case for iPhone 4, dubbed the MOBIUS. not much real info is available at this point but the MOBIUS is touted to double your iPhone battery life with its enhanced monocrystal solar panel built onto a durable protective case – all without adding much bulk to your phone. the MOBIUS debuts at this week CES 2011 in Las Vegas, though there are no words on its pricing yet. Continue reading MOBIUS solar-power case doubles your iPhone juice

motorMOUTH II turns your car audio into Bluetooth-enabled system

SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II img1 544px
(image credit: SCOSCHE) SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II stereo handsfree & streaming audio car kit | US$79.99 |

these days, most gadgets are Bluetooth-enabled if not WiFi-enabled. even car audio are getting Bluetooth equipped but do not fret if your car audio doesn’t has Bluetooth. there’s always the SCOSCHE motorMOUTH II stereo handsfree & streaming audio car kit that will turn your car audio into a Bluetooth-enabled system with A2DP streaming capability – as long your existing audio has an auxiliary audio input.

when plugged in and pair with, for example, your iPhone, this nifty gadget allows you to perform handsfree phone calls played through your car stereo speakers and stream your music from your iPhone to the car audio system. in fact, audio streaming will work with any A2DP devices. included in the package is a ‘Y’ audio splitter which allows portable media player to be plugged in at the same time.

for some cars that has its AUX input at the center console, motorMOUTH II can be routed to the dash area using the supplied AUX relocation cable. i thought the price tag of $79.99 is a little on the high side but it’s still a much cheaper option than changing the entire dash unit.

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charge up your devices on the go using passive kinetic energy

nPower PEG img1 544px
(image credit: Tremont Electric) nPower PEG | US$159.99 |

portable chargers for our ever juice-hungry devices are not new. the norm is to get the portable charger charged up and carry it with you for those just-in-case situation. what if the portable charger ran out of juice as well? not a good thing, especially when there is not a single wall outlet in sight. nPower PEG or Personal Energy Generator from Tremont Electric is the world first hybrid portable charger that promised to address this issue.

encased within this bicycle pump-looking device is a miniaturized kinetic energy harvester which translates your everyday motion into electrical energy and store them in a built-in 1000mAh lithium polymer battery, ready to charge your portable devices. the PEG measures 9 inches tall with a width of 1.5 inches at its widest part and weighs in at 11 oz. (312 grams). placed in your backpack, for example, the PEG will constantly be charged while you are moving around and even works when your biking or traveling in an automobile.

the nPower PEG works with devices that charges with USB 2.0 standard, thus it will not work with iPad and laptops. the nPower PEG is set to retail at $159.99, and it will comes with nPower PEG, iGo cable, iGo adapter tip of your choice and an USB cable (for quick-charge the PEG from an USB port). it is a coming soon product, but you can reserve yours over at nPower website.

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via Inhabitat

feel your game with the world first tactile controller for iPad

Ten One Design Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad img1 544px
(image credit: Ten One Design) Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad | US$24.95 |

there are console gamers and then there are iPad gamers. if you belong to the latter, then here’s a piece of good news for you. Ten One Design has started taking in pre-orders for the world first tactile controller for iPad, Fling. basically, it is a physical joystick constructed out of transparent materials which allows clear, unrestricted view of your game. Continue reading feel your game with the world first tactile controller for iPad