Mophie Juice Pack PRO

Mophie Juice Pack PRO
Mophie Juice Pack PRO | US$129.95 |

though beautiful, the iPhone 4/4S has two shortcomings: one, its battery is never enough for us to get through the day and two, the mainly glass exterior is too fragile for our liking. of course, the latter won’t bother you much if you are not the kind that bring it to just about everywhere but for the rest who does, it calls for one accessory that could keep it juiced and offers it some rugged protection, both which are something the Mophie Juice Pack PRO will gladly undertake. the Juice Pack PRO rugged appearance is not just for show, its MIL-SPEC (MIL-STD 810G) construction will protect your treasured iPhone 4/4S against water, dust, drop and shock, while providing a generous 2500 mAh to keep your phone juiced over the weekend. other features include a 360-degree rotating belt clip for securing it to your hip, integrated screen protection, water-tight speaker cover and ports, and four LEDs for keeping tab on how much juice is left. basically, it is the case that gives you the best of both worlds, that’s if, you don’t mind the extra bulk and weight. the Mophie Juice Pack PRO will set you back at $129.95 each. more views after the break.

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