Solarmonkey Adventurer

Solarmonkey Adventurer
(photos: Powertraveller) Solarmonkey Adventurer | £85.00 |

we appreciate the wonder of the wilderness, however, one thing that turns us off is the lack of power source. i know it sounds weird but those gadgets that we can’t live without, need juicing up every now and then. never mind the fact we probably won’t have cell reception in the wild. all we want is to be able to hook up our GPS or perhaps our satellite phone or radio in order for us to live another day without going bonkers. yeah. loneliness kills so it is imperative that we keep our gadgets juiced even in the world’s most inhospitable place. the Solarmonkey Adventurer you see here is one such gadget that will help to ensure power source is ready at hand when you needed it. this slimline portable charger features a pair of polysilicon solar panel that offers up to 3 watts of power output and a 2500 mAh internal Lithium Polymer battery to store the power, ready for your use. other key features include a 700mA USB power port with 5v output for universal charging, in-built solar energy detection for efficient charging even in low light conditions, simultaneous charging of your device and the Solarmonkey Adventurer, LED indication light and a host of protection features such as short-circuit-, overload-, low voltage- and thermal insulation battery protection. this sleek solar powered charger comes with a rugged travel case made from Cordura-type material provides a thermal insulation layer and a waterproof zipper protects it from the elements. last but not least, a hand loop at the top of the case, belt loops at the rear and a handy Velcro strap, allows the Solarmonkey Adventurer to be attached to almost anywhere, be it your belt, tent or rucksacks. the Solarmonkey Adventurer can be yours for £85 a pop (around US$132). larger views after the break.

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