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Accessories for gadgets including cases, lenses, bags, tripods and the likes.

CLAMCASE turns your iPad into a full-fledged netbook, sort of…

Clamcase img1 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE) CLAMCASE Keyboard Case | US$119.00 |

the CLAMCASE is by far the most impressive keyboard case for iPad to date. spotting a chiclet keyboard with 14 function keys, the CLAMCASE does make your iPad looks like a netbook. the unique torque hinge allows the keyboard to be flipped to the rear and props up the iPad for watching videos or turn it round to the front and it snaps close just like a netbook.

if you miss holding up your iPad, no problem, just fold the keyboard all the way back and use the iPad as a tablet. albeit, being a little bit more bulkier (it will add 771 grams to your iPad). the CLAMCASE boost a 90 hours continuous use and a 100 days standby time. charging of the CLAMCASE is via the mini-USB port with the supplied cable.

needless to say, the keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth connection and the internal battery means the keyboard case will not tax on your iPad juice. alas, now you can get the best of both world: a slate and a netbook in one device. not to mention the wonderful world of apps. awesome!

the CLAMCASE retails at $119.00 but shipping only starts in January 2011.

Clamcase img2 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE)

Clamcase img3 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE)

no kidding: this iPhone and iPad stand was designed by an 11 year-old

Dzdock One device stand img1 544px
(image credit: DZDOCK) DZDOCK One | US$25.00 |

first of all, this isn’t a device dock. it is a stand that fits most portable touchscreen devices such as the iPad, iPhone, ebook readers et cetera. there’s no power to it, just a simple solid aluminum that’s perfectly balance to hold up your beloved devices.

designed by 11 year-old boy from Pennsylvania, USA, as a challenge by his dad with a phone as the bounty. it took little Dino 5 months to get to what DZDOCK One is today. well, what can i say, simple and functional. besides, if you decided to quit on certain devices and get another model or make, likely you can still use this stand.

the DZDOCK One comes in eight different colors and retails at $25.00.

Dzdock One device stand img3 544px
(image credit: DZDOCK)

Dzdock One device stand img2 544px
(image credit: DZDOCK)

via Gizmag

this decal lets you ‘teardown’ your iPhone 4

iPhone 4 teardown decal 544px
(image credit: ETSY) iPhone 4 Teardown Decal | US$9.99 |

seeing a person naked is, well.. uhmmm, exciting to most people. to some geeks, seeing the ‘architecture’ of gadgets could be as exciting as seeing a naked person. if that’s you, check this out…

now, you can actually see your iPhone 4 naked (back side only, cos’ we still need to use the touchscreen, don’t we?) and get all excited about it. no, i am not suggesting that you to remove the back panel. duh! that will only expose your phone to everything else that’s not good for your phone. for $9.99 you can slap on an iPhone 4 teardown decal that shows the innards of your iPhone 4 without putting it at risk. get it? seeing inside without opening it up. no X-ray or bionic vision involved here. just decal.


first it was 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit, now it’s 5-in-1

5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit 544px
(image credit: Alibaba) 5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit | US$tbc

we just talked about how we would be expected to multi-function a couple of days ago, and thus, we also expects the devices or equipment that we use to do the same. before long, we found the 3-in-1 camera connection kit that allows one gadget to do three things and now, as if three functions wasn’t enough, there’s the 5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad.

there are two versions of this 5-in-1 device: one that supports a range of memory cards and the other comes with USB port, SD card slot, micro-SD card slot, AV-out port and a mini-USB port. seriously, the latter one has some redundancy to it. it already has the USB port, why bother with a mini-USB?

needless to say, the 5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit is a product of a Chinese electronics company. no words on the pricing and when this thing will be eventually available to the mass market.

via M.I.C.Gadget

3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit is an alternative to Apple’s CCK

3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad img1 544px
(image credit: M.I.C.Gadget) 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit | US$29.90 |

an alternative to Apple camera connection kit this $29.90 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad. not only the kit combines the USB and SD card slot dongle into one, it also includes a micro-SD card slot. why the addition? i have no idea. perhaps, it was an attempt to differential itself from the knock-off 2-in-1 Camera Connection Kit.

whatever it is, it makes perfect sense to lump 2 or 3 connectivity into one for convenience sake. we love our gadgets but want to minimize the things we have to bring around to make our lovely gadgets happy. the kit is available in either black or white. at a glance, the kit does look suspiciously like a power pack for iPhone. of course, it is not.

control your dSLR remotely with an iPhone via Bluetooth

blueSLR Remote Shutter img1 544px
(image credit: blueSLR) blueSLR Receiver | from US$149.00 |

these days, iPhone apps and accompanying hardware to do specialized tasks seem rather overwhelming. just few days ago, we posted about iGrill and now we found something that will interest shutterbugs: the blueSLR remote shutter. working in tandem with an app, the blueSLR lets user control the camera’s setting such as focus, shutter speed or timer with an iOS device. wirelessly, of course.

the blueSLR is particularly useful for taking self-portrait and group photo when there’s no one around to assist in the photo-taking. the accompanying hardware is a Bluetooth receiver unit that plugs into the GPS port of most Nikon cameras. the blueSLR also feature geotagging of photos taken, though the main highlight would have taken the limelight away from it. the app is free and is available on the appstore, while the hardware will set you back at $149.

blueSLR Remote Shutter img2 544px
(image credit: blueSLR)

blueSLR Remote Shutter img3 544px
(image credit: blueSLR)

now even bicycle can charge your gadgets, just like in a car

I-Green Bicycle Charging System img1 544px
(image credit: Fandi Meng)

if you are a cyclist, have you wish you could charge up your gadgets while cycling? well, if the i-Green Bicycle Charging System realizes, then that wish might have came true. designed by Fandi Meng, i-Green is kind of a dynamo for bicycle that translates the bicycle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy which can be used to charge almost any portable devices. Continue reading now even bicycle can charge your gadgets, just like in a car

going natural with KARVT wood based skins for iPhone

KARVT iPhone 4 skins OAK - Natural 544px
(image credit: KARVT) KARVT Wood Skin for iPhone | from US$15.00 |

Gelaskins practically kick started skinning of our gadgets. but if the 3M vinyl stickers with fancy graphics is not for you, how about going on a more serious note with wood-skins? sure, you can always get a bamboo made iPhone case but that adds bulk while the KARVT doesn’t. however, the trade off is, much lesser protection for your phone.

there are different kind of woods to choose from, ranging from Alder to Pine to Walnut. the KARVT skins set comprises of front and back skin cover. however, ordering for the ‘Back’ only skin is possible too. prices start from $15 for 3GS and from $25 for iPhone 4 skins. there’s also a Limited Edition Hydro74 Owl designed by Orlando-based artist… Hydro74 on maple wood, which cost $30.

do note that the skins only cover the front and back, while sides and corners still remain exposed. its a fair trade between beauty (& slimness) and (serious) protections. i am cautious. for now, ultra thin, and almost no protection case is the farthest i will go with my iPhone 4. but the KARVT item is really beautiful and it took me much effort to peel my eyes off them.

KARVT also has wood skins for both MacBooks and iPads too.

KARVT iPhone 4 Hydro74 on Maple 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

KARVT iPhone 4 skins 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

your iPhone becomes your Meat Thermometer with iGrill

iGrill device and app 544px
iGrill Thermometer for iOS devices | US$99.00 |

iPhone has almost any kind app for almost anything and in the absence of an app that does the job, it has almost any kind of attachments you can think of to cover that. it has microscope attachment, POS machine dock, professional-grade microphone and now, it has a Meat Thermometer, dubbed the iGrill, that will have your turkey oven-baked to the right temperature.

the iGrill consists of two parts: the iGrill hardware and the iGrill companion app. the iGrill hardware monitors the temperature of your meat by inserting a probe into the meat in question. the current temperature is reported via the visual on the hardware itself or to your iPhone companion app via a 200ft range Bluetooth. magic.

the iPhone app will alert you when the pre-set temperature has been reached, giving you a peace of mind to mingle with your guests or pay attention to the last minute tidying up of your house before the guests arrive. actually, the former shouldn’t be the case, i thought food should be prepared well before the guests arrive. isn’t it?

keeping your meat in-check ain’t going to be cheap. the iGrill hardware costs $99 a pop which comes package with one iGrill probe and four AA batteries. additional probes can be purchase at $19.99. the iGrill companion app for iPhone is free, though and its available now on the appstore.

via CrunchGear

a Bluetooth keyboard that protects your iPad as well

ThinkGeek iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case img1 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case | US$59.99 |

touchscreen is great but somehow typing anything longer than a text messages becomes a chore. then we realize we misses something: the tactile touch. before the tactile touchscreen becomes a reality, we have to settle for an external keyboard for our touchscreen devices if we want a tactile feel. i admit, i felt less incline to compose emails on both my iPhone and iPad because it just don’t feel right. Continue reading a Bluetooth keyboard that protects your iPad as well