Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 ‘Life Edition’: When Art Meets Binoculars

Look far into the distance with a mix of art and luxury with the new Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 Life Edition binoculars. Based on the 2019 relaunched Trinovid binoculars, the Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 ‘Life Edition’ gets a touch of neon green leather trim and color-matched engraving – courtesy of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur …

Did You Know That Chinese Satellite BeiDou Has A GPS Smartwatch Too?

Military-style, rugged smartwatch is not new. So is GPS smartwatch. But what makes BeiDou Syntime Military Smartwatch stands out is, as the name suggests, it is by BeiDou. You know, the navigation satellite system operated by the CNSA.

OnePlus Ace and Ace Race Edition: True Budget Phones From OnePlus

OnePlus is not known for its budget phone until recent years. Then again, the Nord and Nord N Series weren’t exactly budget. On a parallel development, OnePlus is not big in China even though it is a China-based company. But it looks like the Oppo-owned, BKK Electronics company is determined to change that too.

Pixel Portfolio: Google Pixel 7 Series, Google Pixel Watch And Tensor-powered Pixel Tablet

In case you haven’t heard, during the recent Google I/O, in addition to unveiling the new Pixel 6a and the new Pixel Buds Pro, Google surprised everyone by offering a preview of the upcoming hardware, collectively known as the Pixel portfolio.

Google Pixel Buds Pro: ANC, Finally!

If the lack of active noise cancellation has prevented you from buying the Google Pixel Buds or the Google Pixel Buds A Series TWS earbuds, then perhaps the new Google Pixel Buds Pro may entice you. That’s right. There is a new Pixel Buds in town and also yes, Google’s earbud is finally blessed with …

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones: The Next-Level Of Noise-Cancelation

The much-lauded “gold standard of noise-canceling headphones”, the Sony WH-1000MX4, finally has a follow-up. In addition to bettering what it does best, i.e. industry-leading noise-canceling, the new Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones also promised exceptional sound and industry-leading call quality.

How To Keep Your Mobile Safe (Physically And Digitally)

These days your mobile phone has everything on them, from your personal information to appointments and even now bank cards and other types of phone payments. This is why you all need to keep in mind your data security and even keep your phone physically safe when you are out and about! Here are some …

The Met x CASETiFY Jacques-Louis David “The Death of Socrates” Premium Set Box

If you are an art connoisseur who does not hesitate to drop tens of thousands for a fine work of art, then may we interest you with Jacques Louis David’s The Death of Socrates (1787)? That’s right. You can own this landmark of Neoclassical painting from the years immediately preceding the French Revolution, in 1787.