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Hot Wheels cars now has a video camera and LCD

Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers screenshot 544x311px
(credit: screenshot by Mike from YouTube video) Hot Wheels Video Racers | US$59.99 |

an age old toy finally gets a tech-boost to keep up with times. this upcoming 1/64 scale toy vehicle from Mattel, dubbed the Video Racers, comes with a built-in camera up front that is capable of capturing video at 30 to 60 frames per second (fps) and a miniature LCD display on its underbelly.

with the video cam, kids can review the loops and crazy crashes in the Hot Wheels vehicle perspective. it will come supplied with an USB cable to download the captured video to your computer for editing with an included special Hot Wheels video editor. there’s even a case to house the video racers, allowing it to be clip on your skateboard or helmet and do some outdoor adventure recording. it another word it doubles up as an action cam. sweet.

Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers cost $69.90 a pop and will be available this Fall. check out the video after the jump.


a Titanium Oxide coated dress that purifies the air

Catalytic Clothing Herself img2 544px
(image credit: Catalytic Clothing)

we have been talking about how to conserve energy, reduce pollutions and congestions etc. it’s time to stop talking and get down to action. for ladies, here’s an experimental dress, dubbed ‘Herself’, that can literally purify the air while wearing it. designed in an evening gown style, ‘Herself’ textiles are sprayed with a concrete mixture containing titanium oxide and when exposed to the sunlight, the textile will absorbs airborne pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. apparently, if forty ladies donned in such dress in a 1-meter area is able to purify 2-meter of airspace. i don’t seems to get it. how to fit forty person in a 1-meter area? perhaps, not all at the same time? silly me.

‘Herself’ is part of a bigger project called Catalytic Clothing, which is a collaborative project between University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion and University of Ulster. Catalytic Clothing attempts to explore how clothing and textiles might be use to purify the air around us. excellent idea, but we would need some men’s clothing lines as well. as we men, also need an opportunity to clear the air around us.

images bar 150x67 Catalytic Clothing Herself img1 600px Catalytic Clothing Herself img2 600px Catalytic Clothing Herself img3 600px

via Discovery News

tent that uses double layer airbeams instead of poles

HemiPlanet Tent img1 544px
(image credit: HemiPlanet) HemiPlanet Tent | US$tbc (concept) |

campers would have noted that over the years, tents haven’t really evolve much but it would, if this concept pole-less tent from HemiPlanet becomes a reality. structurally, it may not be ground-breaking but its the innovative structure design that makes it different. the HemiPlanet tent has inflatable diamond grid structure with the grid being double layer airbeams divided into five major sections after inflation. makes sense, as you don’t want any puncture to bring down the whole tent.

the main grid is reinforced with polyester encasing which offers the structure the protection and extra stiffness required. the round base gives the tent structure more room, fitting up to six person seated or three, sleeping side by side. no further details are available at this point, except that this tent can be set up without assembly in under a minute. i suppose an air compressor would be required, else it should be using some air-release canister or the likes to inflate it.

anyhow, it looks cool and departs generally, from today’s tent design. it would be nice if it is light weight and all packed in for a ‘one button’ release where the tent will inflate itself and ready for use. wrapping it up is altogether another matter. we shall worry about that when its time for us to hit the track again. we also note that there should have some form of anchor if we were to use this tent in area as pictured in the video below (1:12). else it might just be gone with the wind before we know it.

via Core77

new electronic glasses is set to make Bifocals glasses obsolete

PixelOptics emPower img1 544px
(image credit: PixelOptics) PixelOptics emPower! | from US$1,000.00 |

showcased in the recent CES 2011 is an optic technology that could render Bifocal glasses obsolete. these lenses from PixelOptics, called emPower!, has liquid crystal sandwiched between standard plastic lenses. with a simple touch on the side of the frame, the glasses go from standard mode to reading mode – all without any visible dividing lines.

thanks to the built-in micro-accelerometer, the glasses can also be put into ‘automatic’ mode by simply swiping the side of the frame. the micro-accelerometer senses whether the wearer is looking down or looking up, switching the glasses focus to on and off accordingly. also embedded within the frame is a rechargeable battery which gives the glasses between two to three days of usage on a full charge. a full recharge will take about two hours and it comes with a charging tray for user to recharge their glasses.

Bifocals glasses doesn’t need to look like grandma’s glasses. the emPower! will have about 36 different styles for wearer to choose from but it won’t come cheap. expect to fork out between $1,000 to $2,000 for a pair of this technology-driven eyewear. it’s amazing how they managed to pack in the circuitry, accelerometer and the battery in such a thin frame.

PixelOptics emPower on charging tray 544px

via Gizmag

Devon Works’ watch has a scratch-proof and bullet-proof face

Devon Watch Tread 1 img1 544px
(image credit: Devon Works) Devon Works Tread 1 | US$15,000 |

i have no idea why in the world would we need a bullet-proof watch but here it is, the Devon Works Tread 1 which incorporates a crystal that is born out of polycarbonate that is said to be scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and has a bullet-proof durability. instead of the usual circular movements, Tread 1 has four overlapping belts displaying the timely information driven by four tiny microstep motors. Continue reading Devon Works’ watch has a scratch-proof and bullet-proof face

this could be the chair that Davy Jones would love to have

Maximo Riera The Octopus Chair img2 544px
(image credit: Maximo Riera) The Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera | US$tbc |

Paul the Octopus may be mingling with Octopus-angels right now, but if you’re still awe by his Nostradamus-prediction skill for World Cup, then The Octopus Chair by Spaniard artist Maximo Riera might just awe you as well. well, maybe not on the prediction part. from design to manufacturing, this awesome piece of furniture involved at least 30 professionals and four companies whom machined, assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand. i guess that makes this a made-by-hand furniture. Continue reading this could be the chair that Davy Jones would love to have

replica James Bond Golden Gun goes under hammer

James Bond Golden Gun replica 544px
(image credit: Hansons Acutioneers)

remember the golden gun that was assembled from a cigarette case, lighter, cufflink and a pen in the James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun (MGM, 1974)? here’s a golden opportunity for James Bond fans to lay your their hands on a replica item when it goes under the hammer on January 20, 2011. to be auctioned by Hansons Auctioneers, the golden gun replica is expected to fetch between £1,000 and £1,500. this solid gold plated replica pistol comes complete with a gold bullet with ‘007’ written on it and can be assembled just like the original one featured in the movie.

i am impressed by the solid gold plating but not the gun. while the idea of assembling a pistol out of everyday item could be a novel idea back in the 70s, i still think the gun looks a bit off. so this item is strictly for die-hard James Bond fans. perhaps, we could take it apart and use the different item separately? if the individual items are indeed functional… but i guess the cufflink should at least works.

via BornRich

descending the building the Batman way with Rapunzel

Rapunzel Descending Device by Sin Sun Ho img1 544px
(image credit: Sin Sun Ho)

there is no Rapunzel around to throw down her hair to descend quickly down a building during an emergency, instead you can use this gadget, aptly named Rapunzel Decending Device, to do so safely. yea, it’s called Rapunzel alright but this Rapunzel doesn’t has a chunk of hair in it, but instead it has steel cable reeled in it, ready to help you descend a building quickly in an emergency.

during an emergency such as a fire situation, users (or escapees?) head to where the Rapunzel is installed, presumably at the emergency exit windows, insert his or her hand into the device and simply glides down the side of the building the way Batman does. though, Batman usually goes up, rather than down. we simply love ideas that save lives, this one is no exception and besides, the concept device looks pretty cool too – almost look like a drink bottle.

images bar 150x67 Rapunzel Descending Device by Sin Sun Ho - cut away view 544px Rapunzel Descending Device by Sin Sun Ho - how to use 544px Rapunzel Descending Device by Sin Sun Ho - illustration 544px

via Yanko Design

Easy-Pour re-innovates the way you water your gardens

FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can img2 544px
(image credit: FISKARS) FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can | US$19.99 |

who would think a mundane task like watering the plants with a watering can could be further be improved? well apparently, FISKARS thinks so. introducing the Easy-Pouring Water Can which it is not your ordinary everyday watering can. how so? you asked?

for a start, this 2.6 Gallons (or 9.8 liters) can has an additional hinged handle that rotates to enable easier watering. next, it has a rotatable watering spout for a choice of gentle shower or plant soaking. FISKARS attention to detail doesn’t stop there, the filling hole is offset to the side which makes filling up of water a whole lot easier.

it’s a simple product that addresses some long standing issues that comes with such a mundane task. simply amazing. i have my fair share of watering of plants and this can just addressed two ‘major’ issues that i have faced from time to time. why didn’t anybody think of that? i must say the rotating spout is an added bonus and best of all, it cost just $19.99. isn’t life beautiful?

FISKARS Easy-Pour Watering Can img1 544px

via Core77

from concept to reality: ZIIIRO watches go on sale now

ZIIIRO Gravity White Magenta 544px
(image credit: ZIIIRO) ZIIIRO Gravity & Mercury | from €110.00 |

these watches first appeared as a concept but unlike so many concepts that failed to see reality, these watches, known as ZIIRO Gravity and Mercury, is now a reality and they are on sale now. designed by Robert Dabi, the ZIIIRO watches provides a simple and unique way of reading time, though it would take a bit of learning first. Continue reading from concept to reality: ZIIIRO watches go on sale now