Snapback Slim Wallet

to describe minimalist wallet as a dime a dozen seems like an understatement. on this site alone, we have seen dozens of them, so we are careful not to post lame examples. the Snapback Slim Wallet is one of minimal example that we actually taken fancy with. at a glance, it looks just like any any one slot contraption with occasional elastic band for host of other items


even in this digital age, mechanical watch movements still represent the pinnacle of watch craftsmanship and thus, it is only natural that mechanical movements are the preferred movement for any watch connoisseur. however, despite the technological advancement in watchmaking, mechanical watch still suffers from the inherent imperfection in timing as the watch loses power

Drawstring Backpack by Mochibags

drawstring backpack has never been our cuppa, mainly because of two things: we hate to spend time balancing the cord that got unbalanced after a few tucks, and the mere act of opening such bag requires us to dig in and ply it open (does sore fingers sound familiar?). needless to say, both are hassles which should never have existed.

Travel: Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

if the lack of the luxe accommodation have been stopping you from going on the road (or in this instance, river) less traveled. then perhaps the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat might change your mind. from the purveyor of ultimate river cruises Aqua Expeditions, the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat, as the

Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack

unlike computer games, paintball doesn’t have cheats that enables unlimited ammo. that’s a reality that we have to face – until now. with the Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack, it is the real life, made-for-paintball “god mode” that equips you around 1,200 paintball ammo without the need for cumbersome and often

Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

there’s no better way to showcase the creative power of the GALAXY Note II than to ask groups of people to doodle with the device, don’t you think so? but how to really showcase the results? well, in the case of Samsung, the Korean electronics giant teamed up with New York-based designer Alexandra Wang to put those doodles created by Wang’s close friends, stylists, photographers and the likes,

Babolat Play Pure Drive Connected Racquet

what else isn’t connected these days? sports, for example, are pretty much connected, which enables you to keep track of your performance in sporting activities such as cycling, running, or swimming with the help of sensors and companion smartphone apps. now even tennis is getting its fair share of performance

Call of Duty: Ghosts Eyewear Collection

“performance eyewear for gamers?” you heard that right. eyewear maker Allure Eyewear has teamed up with Activision to offer very serious gamers a new line of limited edition Call of Duty: Ghosts Eyewear Collection. the collection comprises of Call of Duty: Ghosts Gaming eyewear for improved gaming vision and Call of Duty Sunglasses for times when you actually take a break

boX Lifestyle Accessories

if you are in the market for lifestyle accessories with a fresh take, then you might want to check out boX Lifestyle Accessories. founded by Pierre Albert Winter, New York City-based boX is an artistic lifestyle accessories maker who aims to win over the world with their vegan and environmental friendly products.

NOSO Slim Wallet

a wallet is a wallet – whether it is a regular fat one or an awesome minimalist one, it is still a wallet. we have seen many of them passing through mikeshouts over the last two years, but hardly anything that can call themselves eco-conscious. the NOSO Slim Wallet is here to change that. yes, it is the minimalist wallet you have imagined or seen, but setting itself apart from