Wrist Watch Made Out of HDD is No Doubt the Ultimate Geek Watch

We have stumbled upon a variety of novelty watches, but nothing brings out the ultimate geek in you than the HDD Watches. Yes. You heard us right. Hard Disk Drive Watches. And it is not just a fancy watch that designed to look like hard drive, but it is a watch repurposed from actual one-inch […]

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Music Video Scores Over 2.1 Billion Views, Prompts YouTube to Update its Backend

We rarely do non-product news, but this one is special because it is one piece of entertainment news that correlates to tech. And how so, you ask? Simple. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” scores over 2.1 billion views on Youtube and in the process, it kind of breaks YouTube view counter. Oops. The story goes that the […]

This is Pyro. It Will Let You Shoot Fireballs Out of Your Palm

Comic superheroes/supervillains with superpowers are fictional. We all know that (right? right?), but with a little help from ingeniously designed gadgets, you might be able to turn yourself into one and the Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder is one such device. While soaring the sky and magically appearing in some war-torn Southwest Asia countries is […]

Trunkster Suitcase Has Aircraft-inspired Rolltop Door for Easy Access Even in the Tightest Space

One of the many benefits of using carryon is, you will have access to the content whenever you want, but not quite if you need to flip the top up in tight spot like in a car or even at an airline seat. With that in mind, two self-profess globetrotters set out to reimagine how […]

Self-contained Brewie Can Brew Beer with a Swipe of a RFID Recipe Card

Having a microbrewery at home is an unattainable dream for most and even if you have the riches required to build one, you will need a sprawling residence to accommodate the no less massive brewing rig, else you will have to settle for those plastic brewing kit found in Walmart. However, if Hungary-based outfit Brewie […]

Monk & Guru is Some Serious Handcrafted Minimalist Cork Wallets

Minimalist or slim wallets are a dime a dozen, and here’s another one from a Californian dude who we really should award as the most persistence creator. Now that he had our attention with his passion, we are certain that he will deliver what he had promised. Anyways, a little thing about slim wallets; you […]

Speed Rope 2.0 Wants You to Skip in Style and Never to Throw it Away

Not all skipping ropes are made equal. It is true you could grab one for under ten bucks, but you won’t get the performance and style, both of which the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 Skipping Rope has to offer. If you’re not into skipping, then you probably don’t know that there are several things […]

You Wear a Waist Belt. Why Not Make it Charge Your Smartphone Too?

The problem of smartphones not having enough battery has long been addressed, but at the expense of traveling light. Heavy users of smartphone can never truly enjoy traveling light because they have at least a portable battery to carry with them. Nifty, the folks who brought to you MiniDrive, has a brilliant solution that will […]

ShotTracker Tracks Your Basketball Hits and Misses, Also Let You Challenge Others Remotely

Basketball enthusiasts will know how is it like to train alone. You quickly lost count of your shots, however, if you’re open to technology like the ShotTracker, that would be a thing of the past. ShotTracker is as what its name implies; it is a basketball shot tracker and trainer. The system comprises of three […]

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistol Lets You Train Safely in the Comfort of Your Home

These are not your kids’ Laser Tag. The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistol are trainer pistols new for 2015 with integrated lasers, suitable for those who want to practice trigger control outside of the range (likely in the privacy of their homes). Two models are being offered, differentiated only by the physical size. Whichever […]