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a cushion, a 6-in-1 remote? it is both

Pillow Remote Control 544px

(photo credit: Pillow Remote Control | US$29.95 |

what you see here is a cushion and it is also a six-in-one remote control. i am not kidding you. this is not just a cushion with remote control layout stitched to it. it is a real working remote control. an ultimate statement of lifestyle fused with technology, the Pillow Remote Control has databases of over 500 remote control devices.

it also featured a auto shutoff function that power down the remote after 60 seconds of inactivity. this wide-range transmitter with infrared LED built-in requires two AAA batteries with is not included. i guess you won’t be misplacing your remote with this cuddly cushion due to its size and it will definitely feel “at home” with the rest of its non-remote control fellow cushions.

you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars to grab those cool universal remote, because this cool Pillow Remote Control cost only US$29.95. simple does it.


explorer’s writing instrument: Limited Edition Dunhill Sentryman Explorer

Limited Edition Dunhill Sentryman Explorer 544px
Dunhill Sentryman Explorer | US$5,000 |

this is the first time we are featuring a writing instrument, an expensive one too. this limited edition writing instrument from Dunhill, dubbed Sentryman Explorer, is a fountain pen with an interchangeable ballpoint forepart.

it isn’t a explorer pen if it doesn’t do something else other then writing. the Sentryman Explorer can light a fire and it really does. no, it’s not a lighter but rather, an artificial flint in the barrel creates a spark when struck against the magnesium material around the cap button, allowing you to light a fire in the cold Antarctica plains.

if you happen to drop your 5,000 bucks anodized aluminum pen in the cold dark night, do not panic. the luminous cap ring enables the pen to be easily be found in the darkness. very sweet but the price is… ouch.

automated your lawn mowing job: MowBot 300

MOWBOT 300 544px
MowBot 300 | £PoA |

how many times have you wished that your lawn mower could do the same like a vacuum robot? well, the MowBot does just that. there are a series of these bots from MowBots, with the 300 series being the range topping model. simply set up the low voltage sensing wire perimeter where you want the MowBot to work in and ready to deploy your bot. when the MowBot is done with its tour of duty, it will returns to its dock to recharge.

there is a range of these MowBots over at, erhmm, well MowBot. different models has different features (and different price point too). the MowBot will returns to it’s charging station when the batteries are low or the schedule you have set is completed. the on board computer learns when the grass needs cutting by gauging the grass growth and length and adjusting the mowing and charging time accordingly.

in areas with heavy grass, MowBot uses a ‘Smart Spiral’ cutting pattern to ensure these areas are evenly cut and at the same time the blade speed adjusts according to the height and thickness of the grass. when the MowBot detects rain, it stops mowing and returns to the border wire or charging station. though the MowBot is fully waterproofed, but mowing of the lawn is best in dry condition. hence this feature was incorporated.

other features include an alarm to deter theft by those sneaky thief who tries to lift the MowBot and make a run with it. as an added security, there’s a security PIN to ensure that only the rightful owner can access it’s programming and operation of the MowBot. Safety aspect has not been overlooked: the MowBot will stop its blade if the carry handle is touched – just in case anyone tries to lift the 16.6Kg MowBot off the lawn while its doing its routine. why would anyone do that, i have absolutely no idea but its better be safe than sorry.

the 300 series is packed with four lithium batteries giving it enough juice to work through 6-8 hours, covering up to 5000m2. if you think automated lawn mowing isn’t high tech enough, you can even control and program the MowBot from your mobile via bluetooth connectivity. that’s what i call advanced. any chance of an app for iPhone?

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zipping up for a neat and tidy day – Zip Bed

Florida Furniture Zip Bed 544px
(photo source: Florida Zip Bed | US$tbc |

not everything we post here will touch everyone’s heart. agree? example: not everyone uses an iPad, therefore iPad’s accessories mean nothing to this group. however, we think this product will be different and in fact, we think it will get the nods from everyone – making your bed every morning. a seemingly minute task that can be such a dread especially when you are rushing to work.

Florida Furniture has a bed that will make making your bed in the morning a thing of the past. it’s a bed with zipper, aptly named ‘Zip Bed‘. how’s that for easy understanding? you can’t zip and keep the bed per say but you can zip up the bed.. oh what i am talking. basically, you wake up and zip up the bed with a cover (keeping the mess underneath) and when it’s time to hit the bed, just unzip it and hop on to the cozy bed that comes complete with comforter, sheets and pillow.

the Zip Bed comes in white, gray or navy blue options for the base, and you have a choice of colors for the interior as well. hmmm, but wouldn’t we be zipping up already?

Florida Furniture Zip Bed - zipped up 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipping 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipped 544px

via Trendir and Gizmag

lighting up with a bang: Bang! table lamp

Bitplay Bang! table lamp 544px
Bang! Table Lamp | US$NA (concept) |

it’s not a fantasy to shoot to turn on and off your light. the Bitplay’s Bang! table lamp let you do just that, less the gunpowder smell and there’s no need to register your firearm. don’t worry, you won’t break anything here.

operation is simple: just aim the “gun” at the lamp and pull the trigger. the light goes out and the lampshade tilts to the side – a way of telling you that it’s been hit (though you probably already know when the light goes out). fire the “gun” again at the lamp will turn the lamp back on, putting the shade to its normal position.

talk about ending your day with a bang. but unfortunately, Bang! is just a concept. doh!

Bitplay Bang! Table Lamp: how it works? 544px
(image source:

via CrunchGear

Brasso GadgetCare – ‘cosmetic’ for your gadgets

Brasso GadgetCare 544px
(screenshot: Brasso GadgetCare | £5.99 |

anything we touches, we leave fingerprints, dirt and grimes on it. i think it’s about time someone come up with something to protect the gadgets we all love and easily smeared with the aforementioned. lucky for us, Brasso (remember them? the good old brass polisher? does Mr. Brasso rings any bell for you?) have a solution for all of the gadget lovers.

the new GadgetCare promise to “clean and shines any tarnished metal and plastic, removing smudges and fingerprints, leaving a highly polished finish.” the GadgetCare, when applied, leaves a invisible anti-static layer that repels particles from your gadgets. there’s also a protective silicone layer that prevent smears.

seriously, this is a good news to me. especially we are assured that it is safe to use on all kinds of gadgets. you have any idea how much dust my MacBook screen gathers?

quick auto-loading Autoloader Screwdriver

Autoloader Screwdriver 544px
(photo source:
i cannot imagine there’s still room for improvement for basic stuff such a screwdriver – until i saw this. this isn’t exactly new to the market but i am sure many have not heard of this either. it’s called the Autoloader Screwdriver which has a patented pump-action bit change mechanism to get your screwdriver bit lock & loaded. ‘operation’ of the screwdriver is easy: simply pull back the handle, twist until you find the right bit for the job and out it pops (i mean the bit), locked in place and good to go.

Autoloader Screwdriver - details 544px
(photo source:
there are a total of six magnetized nickel-plated Phillips and flathead bits to choose from and you can even customise the Autoloader by preloading it with the bits you use the most often. simple and effective. but as a fan (almost to the point of obsessed) of tools, i’m not sure i am going turn and pop to get my bits. i guess it’s up to individual but the video may have just sucked me in. gosh.

check out the video:

visit Autoloader website.

new old vintage of the week: trimPhone

Bloomsbury trimPhone 544px
(photo source:
yet another new old vintage. this time round it’s a home phone. flash back to the 70s with the Bloomsbury 70s trimPhone, which comes in 6 different hues of the 70s. the only difference is, the numbers are press buttons instead of the classic dial wheel. really, there’s nothing to talk about this fixed line home phone except for it’s retro-chic factor. coolness factor 11 out 10. what more can you ask for? even if you hardly use you home phone, this could be a perfect addition to your retro-themed home.

check it @ Bloomsbury Store.

Candy Grand’O Space Saver washing machine

Candy Grand'O Space Saver washing machine 544px
(photo source:
these days apartments/houses are getting smaller, especially in city areas. perhaps, this Candy Grand’O space saver washing machine, from the Italy, can help in conserving some of your precious estate in your service area. with just a depth of 40cm (that’s less than 16 inches), it will saves you an average of 10cm of space which could make your service area a little bit roomier. even with it’s slim depth, the Grand’O still manages a 6kg and 7Kg (depending on the model) capacity wash.

there’s a side benefit for a slim depth washing machine, in terms of interior decoration perspective. some people design cabinets around the washing machine and to accommodate the washing machine, the cabinet usually ended with the same depth as the washing machine (averaging 50cm, usually more) i.e. making the already tiny space even smaller. well, you can always choose not to build the cabinets to the machine depth, but that would mean an awkward protruding washing machine that will sticks out like a sore thumb, not to mention the occasional accidental bumps into the protruding machine. now with the slim depth, you can build your cabinet to a slimmer depth – thus saving space overall. home improvement, anyone?

visit Candy UK website.