DUO – A Minimal And Yet Sophisticated Ball Pen That’s Also A Stylus

If styluses haven’t catch on with you, it is safe to say you are one who still prefer the good old way of writing and sketching. Well, in that case, here’s an uber stylish writing instrument worthy of your consideration: DUO. DUO is the brainchild of UK-based 529 Studio and it is a pen that […]

Notebook That Last Forever Will Make Notebook Makers Cringe

Still taking notes on the good’ol notebook? Well, then I guess you must have amassed a ton of them. Clearly, this adds to the things to store and being on notebooks, recalling notes written become increasing daunting as the number of notebook increases, and that’s not to mention, you are contributing to the decreasing number […]

Star Wars Photocopy Paper Is The Copy Paper You Never Knew You Need

You know the business of officially licensed products has gone totally bonkers when official Star Wars photocopy paper is a thing. Yes. You read that right. Official Star Wars photocopy paper. But why Star Wars photocopy paper? Well, because straight up business-looking copy paper boxes and ream packaging are never enough. Never. Ok, maybe we […]

Meet 01, The Pen That Measures With A Surveyor’s Wheel-Like Roller

Most of us don’t carry a measuring tape or even ruler with us even knowing that it will come in handy. But that’s not surprising at all. Though tape measures and rulers are not cumbersome, they are a pain to bring along anyways and also, they are not exactly eye-pleasing and nobody likes a 30-cm […]

Karl Lagerfeld x Faber-Castell $3,000 Color Pencil Set Is Not For All Artists

Karlbox is a special creation by pony-tail wearing fashion legend, 83-year-old Karl Lagerfeld for Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and it is actually quite ironic because Karlbox actually contains 350 items of drawing paraphernalia which is no doubt geared towards a person who do art and as we all know, most artists are not well […]

With Bandai AT-AT Desk Tidy, Your USB Cable Is The Snowspeeder’s Tow Cable

Calling out all Star Wars fans whose work desk has fallen into an utter disrepair from the barrage of work dropped on you by your Sith Lord, wait, I mean your boss. However messy it is, this 1/72 scale AT-AT Multi Stand i.e. desk tidy from toy maker Bandai is here to save the day. […]

Zyp-Zyp: Tape Dispenser Reimagined Into One That You Will Be Proud To Use

Tape dispenser is perhaps one of most underrated inventions in modern history and I believe many have taken it for granted, since it usually comes free as a companion accessory with your adhesive tape purchase. In other words, the dispenser is something we hardly give a second look, but to be honest, it is not […]

A Squeeze Is All You Need To Start Writing With if… Pen. No Click, No Twist

Tech and style are not the only things this blog look out for. Uniqueness, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, oddity, is also something that intrigues us and such is what the if… Pen (yup, that’s the product’s name) has. But in the case of if… Pen, it is unique. How so? The […]

Gearhead Shifter Pen Lets You Stick Shift Through Boring Meetings

If your mind often wander off during a meeting, day dreaming about yourself cruising along the Ocean drive in your favorite, drop-top, stick shift ride, well, then the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen from Bourbon & Boots is the writing instrument of choice for you. The most obvious hint of the pen’s auto-inclination is the […]

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Digitizes Pen Strokes As You Write Or Doodle

Even with in the digital age, we can’t seem to let go of the good’ol pen. Why? Probably because it is easy as heck to use and convenient. You just pick up a pen and scribble away. No firing up of app or whatsoever. But therein lies the problem. It’s a digital world and we […]