Cinemark x SPACES Terminator VR Experience

Remember the Aliens-themed VR experience? Well, here’s another, but this time, it is Terminator themed by Cinemark and SPACES. The brand-new, multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) SPACES Center at Cinemark’s Century 20 Oakridge and XD theater in San Jose, California, opens its doors to the public on February 8, 2019. Terminator VR Experience is a mixed-reality adventure that transports thrill-seekers into the Terminator universe where you and your friends will suit up and fight alongside to bring down the evil overlord, SkyNet.

The Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future, as it is officially called, invites four guests at a time to engage their senses through virtual reality, haptic feedback and environmental effects that guests/players can actually reach out and touch. Described as the “future of entertainment,” guests will be thrown into the VR Terminator world where it blends 4D effects, 3D face scanning, physical interaction, movement, wind and social group play. It is the first AAA, movie-themed VR experience in the region (though not the first as we have mentioned earlier).

Interestingly, it is also the first location-based entertainment that allows guests to take a piece of the experiment home with them through a highlight video which they can share on social media, or just retain it for keepsake. Basically, you will be a star in your own Terminator movie of sort. If you are down, you can hit up Cinemark SPACES located at 925 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 95123, U.S.A. in the Westfield Oakridge Shopping Center. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser video which, TBH, didn’t quite detail anything, but here it is anyways.

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Images courtesy of Cinemark/SPACES.

Submitted via TIP US Page.