90s Web Design Captain Marvel Promo Site

Never mind if you are too young to know what the websites of the 1990s looked like because, the highly anticipated, first MCU female superhero flick, Captain Marvel, has a movie promo website that is styled exactly like the websites of the 90s. Ahhh.. nostalgic indeed. It really brings us back to the time of Geocities, Angelfire, Netscape Navigator and the good old, sound of the modem crackling and ringing during a dial-up from our trusty (or not) 28.8 kbps dial-up. Geocities, btw, was how I started my first website. Yes, yours truly here is that old.

Anyways, giving the Captain Marvel website the 90s treatment couldn’t be more appropriate because, after all, the movie was set in 1995. It was the time where Internet really gotten traction, albeit its super slow connection. It was those days where animated GIFs with poor transparency reign supreme, including the iconic spinning ’@‘ for email contact. It was a time where psychedelic color fonts, pop-up 3D fonts, animated patterned website background and clunky link boxes were a thing, and Comic Sans was the go-to font. It was a time where we had Guestbook instead of Comments.

And how can we ever forget website counters? You know, the numbers in bold, green digital font, that announces how many people has come by the website? Yeah, that one. Apparently, this nostalgic and very appropriate website was created by Marvel software engineer Lori Lombert who said they built this (the website) in Frontpage and host it on Angelfire. And oh, Frontpage is a Microsoft website building software along the line of Dreamweaver. Yes, I have used those too and also, Angelfire was one of the hottest web hosting companies during those time.

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So, yeah, the 90s, as for as the Internet was concerned, was not just about AOL and the free Internet Explorer or Netscape CD that came with some software/computer magazines.

Image: Marvel.

Source: Engadget.