Sorry, did you asked for a Crocs bag? No? Well, it’s OK that you never asked because, here it is anyways. Here’s the official Pizzaslime x Crocs Bag. I know right. As if elevating Crocs and adding rocks to it aren’t mind-blowing enough, someone has to turn the century’s ugliest foam clog into a crossbody bag. Pizzaslime x Crocs Bag is not designed from the ground-up.

Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag

It is a Croc (that’s one Croc, not a pair), transformed into a functional crossbody bag with a polyester zipper pouch on its inner sole and an adjustable (and detachable) shoulder strap with quick release plastic bag clip. Handmade in Los Angeles by Pizzaslime, each bag (or shoe?) also boasts seven custom Pizzaslime detachable Jibbitz (AKA charms).

Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag

Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag comes in a choice of black or yellow, and if you want one, you’d better act on it fast because, Pizzaslime is only making a limited run of 25 units. At $300 a piece and looking at how ridiculous it is, you’d think it will not fly off the shelf. But the truth is, at the time of this writing, the yellow version is a sell out. So, all that’s left at this point is the black bag.

Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag

Well, who knows? Crocs may be making a come back as a fashion item for 2019. Maybe. Though it is not clear if the Croc-turned-bag is still wearable as a footwear. Probably not. However, if you need a footwear that lets you stash EDC and remain wearable, Nike has exactly one for you, or if you need something more discreet, there’s always the SlotFlops and ArchPort YogiStash to look to.

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What I am trying to say is, perhaps Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag is not weirdest footwear-turned-bag after all. In fact, it might just make Crocs cool again, well, that’s if it was ever cool. If it hadn’t, maybe it will this time. Just maybe.

Pizzaslime x Crocs Crossbody Bag

Images: Alexander/Pizzaslime.

Source: Lost At E Minor.

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