looking for a good case for less popular Android handsets is pretty tough, so you can imagine trying to get accessories to go with portable speakers like the Mini JAMBOX speaker. this got to be one alley that’s extremely narrow, but lucky for you, Waterfield Designs has decided that this beautiful little thing deserves some leather love and has announced a case designed specifically for the Mini JAMBOX so that you can tote it around in style, while keeping it protected. the aptly dubbed the CitySlicker Mini JAMBOX Speaker Case has a black ballistic nylon construction with a flap made from naturally-tanned distressed leather, and a soft padded inside to keep the Mini JAMBOX cushioned when nested within.

CitySlicker Mini JAMBOX Speaker Case

on the outside, it features a stretchable mesh pocket for holding stuff like connector cable and charger, or whatever you desire (and can fit into it) and there is a self-locking zipper in place to keep things secured. additionally, a loop is incorporated at the bottom of the case to allow easy retrieval of the Mini JAMBOX from its cushioned cocoon. basically, that’s all there is to it, but then again, you don’t really need much science when it comes to speaker case. understandably, the market for this is pretty small, but that’s not say there’s no demand for it. i am sure there a many Mini JAMBOX users out there, and if you are one of them who appreciate the finer things in life, the CitySlicker Mini JAMBOX Speaker Case by Waterfield Designs is the must-have accessory for your Mini JAMBOX.

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the CitySlicker Mini JAMBOX Speaker Case cost $49 a pop and is up for pre-order over at SFbags.com. available in a choice of chocolate or grizzly brown. expect shipment to starts in April 2, 2014.

CitySlicker Mini JAMBOX Speaker Case

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