Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle returns as a collectible item

Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle 544x528px
(credit: Coca-Cola via Selfridges) Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle | £1.99 |

just a couple of days ago, we featured the Coca-Cola 125 years boxset which we thought is a worthy collectible for any true-blooded Coca-Cola fan. however, if you prefer to stay true to the 125th anniversary spirit you can opt to get the less pricer alternative – the Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle that retails for just a little under £2 (about US$3.20). this bottle of the fizzy drink is a faithful reproduction of the very first Coca-Cola bottle aka the Hutchinson bottle and comes complete with a special anniversary box. you can choose to keep it untouched or drink up, which in case you are wondering… the beverage is not a vintage.
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