Craftsman Bottle Opener

Craftsman Bottle Opener
(photos: Craftsman) Craftsman Bottle Opener | US$7.19 |

every beer drinker will love bottle openers. it is a seemingly unimportant but yet indispensable tool, unless broken tooth or chipped countertop is what you prefer. what makes a bottle opener even more irresistible is if it has a body of a screwdriver handle. it kind of makes it more manly. don’t you think so? especially when the handle is crafted in the signature Craftsman’s clear, blue and red design. expect to find a stainless steel opener designed for high strength and chemical resistance, and it comes with a leather strap for hanging, ensuring that the next time when you are high on alcohol, you’d still be able to find it with ease. we suggest hanging them on or next to your all important fridge. trust us, it helps. the Craftsman Bottle Opener is available with a modest price tag of just $7.19 a pop.

Craftsman via Uncrate

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