Custom LEGO Iron Man Figure by Ransom Fern

Let’s talk LEGO Marvel Iron Man (76206). We did not mention it here when it was introduced late last year because we thought it looks awful. Being a toy targeted at kids 9 and up does not give Iron Man excuses to skip gym days. Seriously, just looked at the arms and legs, and don’t get me started with the malformed head and toothpick neck.

Custom LEGO Iron Man Figure by Ransom Fern

But this being a LEGO set means not all hopes are lost. In the right hands, magic can happen. Having said that, LEGO enthusiast Ransom Ferns is one such person. He gave the set a complete makeover that will put the original set to shame. I am not even exaggerating. It is that good.

However, Ransom Fern’s built is not entirely a LEGO MOC per se because it is based on the LEGO Marvel Iron Man (76206) set. In fact, to achieve this UCS-worthy Mk 43, it requires two of the 76202 AND some elements that can only be found on the LEGO Marvel The Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow (76155) set. So, it will be quite an investment if you want to do the same thing as Random Fern. But I think it will be worth it.

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Custom LEGO Iron Man Figure by Ransom Fern

The result is a collectible figure-like brick-built Iron Man Mark 43, complete with a light-up arc reactor. The latter is a rebuilt of the original light brick that came with the 76206 sets but it now boasts a clever mechanism that allows the brick to be lit up continuously if so desire.

The figure holds up very well too. It is able to sustain somewhat violent shaking before parts start falling. However, it does sacrifice a bit of articulation. I don’t believe that the superhero landing is possible. But that’s not the point, really. The point is, it looked awesome with the more anatomically correct proportion, and also, it has not four but proper five fingers.

Custom LEGO Iron Man Figure by Ransom Fern

If anyone is interested, Ransom Fern is selling the instructions on Rebrickable for US$10. Please note that 10 bucks is for the PDF instructions. It does not include the required sets, which are 2x LEGO Marvel Iron Man (76206) and a LEGO Marvel The Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow (76155).

If you don’t already have those sets, you may find them selling on Amazon at discounted prices. Last checked, the LEGO Iron Man (76206) is 20% less at US$31.90 (U.P. US$39.99) per set and the LEGO The Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow (76155) is going for 27% less at US$44.01 (U.P. US$59.99).

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Images: Twitter (@RansomFern)/Instagram (@ransom_fern).

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