Cyber Watch Titanium Case For Apple Watch

For those who love using Apple Watch, but not fond of the design, or just afraid that you may damaged the pricey wearable, there’s no lacking of solutions out there. But there’s no solution quite like what Gray has to offer.

The company is offering what it dubbed as Cyber Watch Titanium. “No solution quite like” because, it is god damn beautiful and also it is expensive as hell. In fact, it cost about 200 dollars over the based Apple Watch Series 5.

Cyber Watch Titanium Case For Apple Watch

Yes. You better believe the price. For roughly $501, you will get a beautifully CNC machined aerospace-grade titanium case with mechanically textured surface, paired to a set of Black FKM watch band.

With this case on, your Apple Watch Series 5 44 mm will never look like the person’s next to you. With Cyber Watch, Apple Watch looks truly luxurious and super high-tech, with a tint of 60s sci-fi vibe.

It is hard to justify the investment, but if you ever put your money down for this, you’d better pray that Apple Watch design will not change for at least a few years. Then again, if you so willingly drop half a grand for it, you are probably rich enough to be not concerned what is to come.

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You can learn more or pre-order this exquisite Apple Watch case on for the aforementioned price. If you rather not spend that much, may we suggest you look at Rhino Band or the super cool Steampunk Apple Watch Case.

Images: Gray.

Source: Uncrate.