Czinger 21C Production Specification Vehicle

You must be thinking… didn’t we read about the Czinger 21C already? Well, we have certainly mention it before, but this time, Czinger has revealed the C21 Production Specification Vehicle that brings it a step closer to realizing America’s very own hypercar.

Czinger 21C Production Specification Vehicle

The Czinger C21 Hypercar has gotten some significant updates since its public debut last March.

For starter, it has a new 2,050 mm width and while the power output from its in-house developed 2.88L, flat crank V8 twin turbocharged engine remains at 1250 horses, it now has a dry weight under 1,240 kg, thereby achieving the holy grail of performance cars: 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

In addition to the gas-powered motor are two high output electric motors, each powering a front wheel with torque vectoring. Rounding up the drivetrain is an ultra-light, sequential seven-speed automated manual gearbox.

Czinger 21C Production Specification Vehicle

If 1,250 HP is too tame for you, Czinger will be offering a 100 HP upgrade, bringing the total output to 1,350 ponies.

In the age of electric vehicle, Czinger may seem like swimming against the currents. But that is not so because, the 21C V8 is designed to take a range of fuels, including carbon recycled methanol and other e-fuels which essentially turns it into a zero emission vehicle.

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Now, here’s the thing. We are not sure if using the so-called e-fuel will lower the power output.

Czinger 21C Production Specification Vehicle

Anyhoo, as far as performance goes, the America’s very own hypercar is capable pulling the quarter mile in mere 8.1 seconds and rockets from standstill to 62 in 1.9 seconds. 0-186 (300 km/h) and 0-248 (400 km/h) will take only 13.8 seconds and 27.1 seconds, respectively, before finally hitting its terminal velocity of up to 281 mph.

Writing those numbers alone felt breathless.

Czinger may have unveiled the 21C Production Specification Vehicle, but actually availability and pricing are not clear.

All images courtesy of Czinger.