DODOcase x MoonBot Morris Lessmore DODOcase

Morris Lessmore DODOcase 900x515px
(image: DODOcase) Morris Lessmore DODOcase for iPad 2 | US$64.95 |

the single invention of book resulted into millions of contents that has kept us informed and learned, and to a certain extend, DODOcase is akin to a book, having turned out so many variations since its inception a couple of years ago. their latest case is a collaboration with MoonBot that drew inspiration from The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. one thing we should assure you is that this case will not fly away like Morris’ tale but instead, like all DODOcase, it protects your precious one from harms way and looking stylish in red faux leather with Morris Lessmore’s signature hat and cane mark on its cover, and his “M” on the spine. on the inside, the interior is covered a cream colored linen, and of course, the trademark bamboo frame with the necessary cutouts to hold your iPad 2. those gold embellishments are created using the century old book stamping techniques which give the case an even more nostalgic feel to it. you can get your Morris Lessmore DODOcase for iPad 2 for just $64.95 from DODOcase web store now.
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Morris Lessmore DODOcase 900x515px

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