Life-size LEGO builds have been the go-to promo of choice for LEGO sets. We have seen a bunch. But more often than not, these life-size LEGO sculptures were created to promote premium LEGO sets such as the Lamborghini Sían FKP 37, for example.

Driveable Life-size LEGO Toyota Supra

That said, we were surprised that LEGO has done the same for a LEGO Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra set. OK. That’s not true. It is not exactly to promote the building set. More on that in a bit.

But yes, LEGO has built a life-size replica of the Toyota GR Supra. All told, 21 LEGO master builders and 2 mechanics devoted 5,400 hours to design and produce the model which packs a whopping 477,303 LEGO elements.

Driveable Life-size LEGO Toyota Supra

Unlike most life-size LEGO builds, this latest life-size example’s beautiful isn’t just skin deep; it has a proper interior too, complete with seats (OK, maybe just a seat), gear shift lever, dash, and the works.

Speaking of the interior, it has just a LEGO brick-built seat. The other being an actual seat because this LEGO Toyota GR Supra Life-size Replica is actually driveable. Yes. You heard that right. It is the second driveable life-size LEGO build following the driveable LEGO Bugatti Chiron from three years ago.

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However, unlike the drivable life-size Chiron, the LEGO Toyota GR Supra Life-size Replica is powered by an actual electric motor – the first for LEGO, which affords it a top speed of 28 km/h (17 mph).

The LEGO Toyota GR Supra Life-size Replica was built as part of Toyota’s 35th-anniversary celebration for Supra as a standalone model. The 1:1 scale GR Supra is currently on display at Legoland Japan until October 11, after which it will be making appearances at the Japanese Super GT Racing series. For those who will not be able to see it in person, we have some images courtesy of LEGO for your consumption.

Driveable Life-size LEGO Toyota Supra
Driveable Life-size LEGO Toyota Supra

Images: LEGO Group.

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