A Drone With an Angel of Death In Tow

A Drone With An Angel Of Death In Tow Is Some Scary But Awesome Shit

My advice is, don’t dress up as Death this Halloween. Why? Because someone already did and we must say, he was pretty damn good at it. How? He flew, way up above like he should in the first place and not walking with his feet cos’ Death has none of those. Ok, technically, the man, an uncle of Twitter user crüger, did not flew in a Death costume but he did create an Angel of Death which he hooked up to a drone and flew it around his neighborhood. Needless to say, this “real-life” (kind of ironic for me to say that, isn’t it?) Angel of Death probably scares the shit out of some folks who were unfortunate enough to look up at the wrong time.

Judging from the images posted, people probably won’t realize it was in tow by the drone as you can hardly see the line against the blue sky. You’d probably thought the drone was videoing Death, or maybe that was Death’s drone? Wait. What? Never mind. Either way, that’s some scary shit there, well, that’s if you believe in the Grim Reaper. Anyways, it does not look like this Mr. Reaper has his scythe with him. So, perhaps, he was not on duty and was just chilling out, you know, it is time of the year to scare the shit out of people without actually taking their lives?

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P.S.: crüger’s uncle wasn’t the first. It appears that someone have pulled a similar prank a couple of years ago but we kind of dig this one more as this one looks a little lot more ‘realistic’. However, we can’t be 100 percent sure until we see this particular one in action.

Here’s the original Twitter post:

Images: crüger.

via Gizmodo