Looking for an audiophile-grade in-ear monitor that won’t break the bank? Well then, you may want hear about Tini Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor (IEM). Tini Hifi is a newcomer in the audiophile market.

Drop + Tin Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor

The P1 here is built on the success of the brand’s T series, featuring a 10-millimeter planar magnetic driver that is said to “strike a great balance between dynamic drivers and balanced armatures.

The ultra-nano diaphragm produces higher resolution and faster transient response which results in a more natural soundscape.

Drop + Tin Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor

This pair of IEM is presented in a sleek 304 stainless steel shells (yes, not plastic!) and paired to detachable 5N oxygen-free copper-plated MMCX cable.

Tin Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor comes with a classic leather case for transporting it in style.

Judging from the reviews on Drop.com, it is a pair of decent audiophile IEM with very detailed sound – perhaps a little too detailed according some folks. Apparently, bass isn’t its forte either.

Anyways, we will let you be the judge. As for me, I am first drawn to its design and then the promised of audiophile-grade sound at a relatively affordable price point. Speaking of which, you can find Drop + Tin Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor selling at drop.com for US$130 (U.P. US$160).

Drop + Tin Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor

Images: Drop.

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