What you see here is a species of treehopper found in Ecuador and it looks absolutely bizarre. TBH, it does not look like an insect to begin with. It appeared to sport a helicopter rotor on its head, but obviously, it does not function like a rotor. It appears to have regular wings (with a pretty impressive wingspan that stretches beyond its body length, if I may add) which we can only assume that it uses to hop around branches and trees.

Obviously, the ‘rotor’ ‘headgear’ does not function like a helicopter’s rotor. Apparently, treehoppers are elusive creatures and little is known about them, but what we read is, they are related to cicadas and leafhoppers. Treehoppers distinguished themselves with highly modified pronotum on the back and in the case of this Ecuadorian Treehopper, it has this rotor-like contraption that has five hairy globes and a long spine pointing to the rear.

It is speculated that the unusual top may help this otherwise vulnerable insect deter potential predators, so it go about minding its own business like sipping up plant sap without being gobbled up. Perhaps the extra body part kind of help to appear larger than it really is and hence, deterring any potential meal-seekers from putting it on their menu. This treehopper is among the many weird little creatures out in the wild that serves to remind us that there are much to learn about other living things that coexist with humans.

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If Pokémon creators ever run out of idea for Pokémon monster, they can look to nature for inspiration because, this Ecuadorian Treehopper and the rest of its relatives totally fit the bill. Or maybe they could be an inspiration behind some villain monsters of Godzilla or Ultraman, but super sized? Maybe? Go on and have a look at this weird looking creature in action in the video below.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Lost At E Minor.

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