the art of black and white photo development is pretty much extinct since the invention of color-capable cameras. well, thanks to a bunch of photography enthusiasts, you can now relive the dark room photo developing experience even when your camera of choice is a smartphone. going digital does not necessary means that you are resigned to expensive photo printers cos’ the ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger is here to give you back the process that used to be part of the fun of photography. this retro-sleek contraption lets you “transfer” the stills you have taken with your smartphone to Ilford quality photo paper, just like the good old days. the process is no doubt a little more time consuming (actually, it takes just 6 minutes per image) than churning them out on a photo printer, but the upside is, you get to immerse yourself in the whole process of photo developing from adjusting the image size, exposing the paper, bathing it and the drying it. the result would be artistic, exhibition-ready prints of up to 20 x 20 centimeters.

the complete kit consists of the Enlarger (aka ENFOJER), four trays (for bathing, drying and whatnot), four tongs for handling the photo paper, 100 sheets of fojographic paper, and a battery-powered red light for recreating the dark room at your pad’s or hotel’s bathroom. the only thing that are not included are the chemicals used for black and white development. the ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger is available through INDIEGOGO for an early bird special of $250. the folks are keen photography enthusiasts and they have chosen to take the flexible funding, which means you are essentially pre-ordering the kit even if the project does not meet its funding goal. check out a short (but very interesting) pledge video below to learn more and also catch a few more product look in the image gallery.

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