enhance your racing game experience with F1 Red Bull Seat

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(image credit: Playseat) Playseat F1 Red Bull Gaming Chair | €949.00 | www.playseat.com

the specialist gaming chair maker, Playseat has announced its latest gaming chair: the officially licensed F1 Red Bull Gaming Chair. basing on the original Playseat F1 gaming chair that was introduced last September, the F1 Red Bull set-up features a low-seating position and high pedals location, replicating the real Formula One car driving position thus offering a more authentic racing experience.
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differing it from the standard Playseat F1 is, of course, the inclusion of the F1 Red Bull Team livery (the tricolor stripes on trademark Red Bull blue). the Playseat F1 Red Bull sports an upholstered seat with high quality leather-look black vinyl with red double stitchings and of course, the familiar Red Bull racing logos on the head rest and on the mock-up Formula One car nose.

slated to be available this June, the Playseat F1 Red Bull gaming chair is priced at €949 (about US$1,320) which is a slight premium over the standard Playseat F1 item which cost €799 (about US$1,111). it’s a fraction of the price for an authentic Formula One experience compared to the consumer Formula One car, which most of us common folks wouldn’t be able to afford.

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