EZ ICE 60 Minute Backyard Ice Hockey Rink

For those living in regions with real four seasons, you know what is coming, don’t you? Yes, it’s winter. And if you happen to reside in a region that freezes up all so often and also happen to have a love for hockey (or just the sport of ice-skating), well then, the EZ ICE 60 Minute Backyard Ice Hockey Rink is for you. But wait. Aren’t people building their own rinks already? As a matter of fact, yes. People have been building their own rinks, but with EZ ICE, it takes away the backbreaking chore of building one from scratch and letting you do it all over again year after year.

Boasting a self-standing and self-stabilizing design, EZ ICE features 5-foot lightweight panels that snap into place easily, affording you to construct the foundation of the rink in under an hour. Just add tarp and water, and you are all set. There are no nails, or even tools to mess with, which is one-step up Ikea’s famed flatpack system. Using an innovative bracket and strap system, it ensures the rink stays together while eliminating the need for stakes, which makes EZ ICE ideal for ice-hardened, flat surfaces or any prepared surfaces where holes-in-the-ground are frown upon.

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Sounds like pretty rad idea because, since when winter comes, tennis is out and therefore, it only makes sense to turn your tennis court (if you have one) into an ice hockey rink, or just a rink for ice-skating around. Definitely beats risking your live on thin-ice lake, isn’t it? EZ ICE is available in a variety of widths and lengths to suit your space with a staring price of $1,700. Oh, and the most brilliant part? It is totally reusable. When the season is over, just pack it all up and stash it away in your basement or garage, ready for action when the next really, really cold winter comes around. Dope. You can learn more about EZ ICE in the product video below.

Image: EZ ICE.

via Uncrate.