FaceTime Beta installation and first test

this a rather exciting feature, so i decided to do a test run on my iPhone 4 and iMac. downloaded FaceTime Beta yesterday and installed it. those whose still have yet to update your iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1, you may want to do so. i was on iOS 4.0 previously and FaceTime on Mac prompted me that ‘FaceTime on iPhone needs to be updated’. so i suggest you do so too. anyhow, download (14.1MB) and installation was very zippy. ok, i got no one to call this morning when i did the test, so i was calling myself on my iPhone. strange as it was, but hey, it was a test and i’m not digging into call quality anyway. 2 simple calls were made: from Mac to iPhone and iPhone to Mac. if you haven’t update your iPhone 4 to Mac, you won’t be able to call from your iPhone 4 to Mac either.

FaceTime Beta test - installation 544px
the standard installation process...
FaceTime Beta test - installation completes 544px
completion of installation...
FaceTime Beta test - setting up process 544px
part of the set-up process: sign up or log-in with your existing Apple ID to associate the Mac with FaceTime
FaceTime Beta test - iMac calls iPhone 544px
first call - iMac calls iPhone. ok, this was me calling myself, but it works anyhow
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone 4 calling iMac 544px
the second call was from iPhone to iMac.
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone calls iMac 544px
(left) is the call view on iPhone. (right) is the address book on iPhone. note the new 'FaceTime' button

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