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Fagor Spoutnik Microwave Oven
Fagor Spoutnik | £179.00 | www.fagor.co.uk

every once a while we come across a product that challenges the convention and invites the same old question: what the heck is that?! the Fagor Spoutnik you see here, is exactly that product that falls into the aforementioned category. at the first glance, there’s no way to know that it is a microwave oven. at its heart of this futuristic spherical kitchen appliance, it is still very much a dutiful microwave oven that does most microwave oven does: reheat, defrost and cook your food stuff with a choice of high or low heat. instead of the traditional rectangular white brick shape with horizontal swing door that has a limited view through its glass window, the Spoutnik sports a pod-like design with a domed, translucent glass lid that opens up to provide easy access and offers a clear 360-degree view of the happening within. additionally, the pop-top design also brings about ease of cleaning up after you are done with your cooking. a soft touch LCD display is the center of the control and like most microwave oven, it has the usual turnable mechanism (a 28cm or 11 inches for this instant) but the Spoutnik’s item stands out as one that comes with gridlines to aid you in centrally position your dish, as well as an illuminated turnable that lights up red when the cooking starts and changes to blue when the dish is all set. the Fagor Spoutnik comes in three colors: Blue Odyssey, Green Flash, and Ultra Violet and is available now for £179 a pop (approximately US$288).

Fargo via CNET

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