Figure Fantasy 3D Figurine Mobile Game

Forget about collecting figures because figurine collecting has just gone digital with Komoe Technology’s Figure Fantasy. Figure Fantasy is the first-ever 3D figurine-themed idle mobile game.

Figure Fantasy 3D Figurine Mobile Game

Like a real-life figurine collection, you get to build a collection of anime figures – including acquiring them from opening blind boxes – also just like in real life.

Figure Fantasy combines traditional auto-battling gameplay with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to create an incredibly life-like work populated by high-quality anime figurines.

That’s right. While the figures aren’t something tangible, they are interactive and you can actually send them into battles.

Here’s a little more about the combat segment of the game:

Figure Fantasy’s strategic combat revolves around players deploying their choice of figurines on a 3×3 grid and arranging their formation in each row according to the figurines’ class. Each character possesses unique skills and so combining different figures to find a winning formula is a vital part of Figure’s Fantasy’s gameplay.”

Figure Fantasy 3D Figurine Mobile Game

The game boasts over 100 different figurines each with its own unique story and combat style. The game further touts an idle system in which players can claim resources, even offline, thus allowing them to expand their collection when they’re away from the game.

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As displayable figures, a unique self-defined display stand can be assembled to exactly how players want to show off each figure.

The Figure Fantasy mobile game has recently seen its global open beta launch for both Apple and Android devices.

Images: Komoe Technology.