finally, flash for your old iPhone with the iFlash External Flash

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if you are still holding on to your trusty old iPhone but wishes that it has flash like its younger sibling, then your wish may have just came true. iFlash is an external module with built-in LED light that attaches to the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and even iPod Touch, enabling flash-aided photography on those devices.

it attaches to the device via the 30-pin port, much like what you will do with a external portable charger for iPhones. the iFlash has an on/off button so you can use the LED light for photography or as a flash light for getting around in the dark. the flash module draws its juice from the iPhone battery – which, in my opinion, will be pretty taxing to the already poor battery life of iPhones.

when not in use, you can plug the 3.5mm plastic lug into the iPhone’s 3.5mm jack so it will remain handy when you need the flash again. though i am not sure if this 3.5mm plastic lug will work on the old iPhone 2G. at $29.95 you can give a new lease of life to your older iPhone, well, at least on the photography aspect.

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