waterproof and sweatproof buds for the active lifestyle

H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones Onyx Black 544pxH2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones | US$29.99 | www.h2oaudio.com
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active lifestyle music fans will understand that moisture is the greatest enemy of your music gear, especially to the headphones. H2O Audio has a new line of ear buds that promise to keep those nasty moisture out, including your perspirations.

it is supposed to be 100% waterproof and sweatproof and capable of withstanding submersion of up to 1 meter underwater. not that you can bring it for your swimming session, unless you have an equally waterproofed music player to go along with it. its more for a good thorough rinsing after an active use, to keep those nasty saltish sweat off.

the Flex All Sports Waterproof Headphones come in four different hues to choose from and has three different sizes of Elastomer ear plugs to suit different fittings and the in-ear buds also means noise isolation too. at $29.99 its probably a heck of a deal and because of its waterproof/sweatproof feature, its going to last a long way.

funny, isn’t it? because some of us paid ten times more for some ear buds thats likely to be less ‘tough’. pay less – last longer; pay more – may not last any longer. ironical isn’t it?

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