Fire Bears! Cinnamon Whisky Gummy Bears Candy

I know no one who have the love for both fiery whisky and gummy bears, but I should be wise enough not to assume that no one love both and also, I should not assume that whisky-loving, or gummy bears-loving folks, never wished for whisky-loaded gummy bears. If it exists, I am sure it will please whisky lovers, though probably not pure gummy bears connoisseurs. Anywho, in case you happen to love the taste of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in chewy form, well then, Etsy store VineGelee will have you covered. The store sells the popular Fire Ball fiery beverage in candy form which it aptly calls, Fire Bear! Cinnamon Whisky Gummy Bears.

So, yes, Cinnamon Whisky Gummy Bears candy is a thing and it can be yours in a choice of three quantities (by weight): 4, 8 and 16 oz, priced at $9.95 and up. However, if you are looking to get high with these chewy bears, you’d probably be overloaded with sugar before you can even feel a tingle. Obviously, these candies are never mean to get you drunk; they merely serve to satisfy your need for a shot or two before you can find time and place to have a couple of shots of the actual liquid version. If you are not a fan of Fire Ball, the store is open to custom the gummy bears with your favorite burning beverage too. So, now you know.

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P.S. We think Hell Water makes for good gummy bears. No?

Image: VineGelee.

via Mashable.