Not every gadget gets us all wet and excited. Similarly, not every gadget that gets us wet and excited is the gadget we want. Sometimes, just sometimes, we are just baffled by how bizarre it is and that is exactly how I felt right now with the Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker. The product name itself is not immediately apparently, but what sets this Bluetooth speaker apart from the sea of offerings out there is fire. Like, you know, real fire?

So, yeah. It is the first speaker that as actual fire on it and the flame up on, on the handle-like contraption actually syncs with your favorite music like those traditional visual equalizers. In other words, the music. React with the beat of whatever tune that it is playing. That feature right there is definitely a conversation starting. It is battery powered, so it can be light up the party (with a little of heat) wherever you go and the fire is fueled by canister-type propane.

Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Wrapping up the package is a beautiful bamboo case, industrial-grade aluminum frame and a set of glass panels, one to be set on each side of the long side of the speaker, to keep you (or anyone who is not careful enough) from burning yourself/themselves. Man, this is like a portable fireplace, but one that plays music too.

Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Fireside Audiobox is available in choice of Obsidian Black and Matte Silver from Fireside Audiobox website for $549. Not exactly cheap, considering the sound we heard over on YouTube. Though it is not a completely fair judge…, it is good enough to say it is not mind-blowing. But lets be honest, you won’t be getting this for the sound. You’d be getting it for the visual spectacle and the conversational value. Skip ahead for a video to see it in action.

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Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Images: Fireside Audiobox.

Source: Unbox Therapy (YouTube).

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