Steampunk iPhone Victrola

Steampunk iPhone Victrola
(photos: WillRockwell) Steampunk iPhone Victrola | US$500.00 |

we have seen a fair share of natural amplification sound dock, including steampunk versions but the Steampunk iPhone Victrola is the first that we know of that has a tone control valve built-in. not that it would reproduce audiophile-grade audio without any power but let’s just say that we are simply taken in by its overall aesthetic. ya yah, call us superficial but then, we challenge all steampunk lovers to say they don’t love what they see. if not for its hefty asking price of $500, we would grab it in a heart beat even if it is just for ornamental purpose. the highlight here is what the maker Will Rockwell dubbed as “tone control valve”, which actually acts like a passive subwoofer of sort. the beautiful handle open and closes a perspex gate, thus allowing sound to be channelled downwards, thereby creating a completely different audio effect. the Steampunk iPhone Victrola is available through Will Rockwell‘s online store on Etsy. more images follows after the break.

Etsy via OhGizmo!

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