While the dogs get famous “dog whisperer” to let us know what’s up with them, fishes aren’t that lucky. But as thinking humans, we can think on their behalf, such as imagining that they actually would love to have a view of the outside world – the world outside of their aquarium they call habitat. The Floating Fish Dome is such an aquarium accessory that will let your fishes poke their heads beyond the water level and get a view of their lovely habitat’s surrounding.

Floating Fish Dome

To be honest, we are not sure how it works, but looking at the images, we are assuming that the dome floats and is flooded with the aquarium’s water so the fishes could swim up and well, get the view and be viewed, by you. Pretty snazzy, if you as me. And it kind of brings a new way of interacting with these majestic aquatic animals, don’t you think? The question is, will your fishes know how to use it? And it does not come cheap; it will run you back about $200 a pop.

Floating Fish Dome

via Laughing Squid via Gizmodo

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