Calling out to potato chips connoisseurs. So you think you taste it all and knew which the best chips? Well, you probably do, but you can’t say you ate the tastiest, if not the most expensive until you savor these specially crafted potato chip from Swedish brewery S: t Erick. Obviously, this World’s Most Expensive Potato Chip will please your taste bud better and/or satisfy your discerning gastronomy with its creator’s brew, but I am sure it tastes just as good on its own.

The World’s Most Expensive Potato Chip

It has to because it is artisanal snack that costs a whopping 499 Swedish kronor for a box of five (that’s five chips, NOT five packets, btw), which works out to around 100,000 SEK per kilogram – a pretty crazy price that rivals the most expensive caviar, the Beluga caviar. It also works out to be around 57 dollars, which means every chip you put into your gut cost over 11 bucks a piece and that really makes us gasp, holy smoke! That’s one heck of expensive chip that many will find it hard to stomach. Granted, $60 isn’t the world, but it is, for the love of God, a potato chip!

The World’s Most Expensive Potato Chip

So, just what exactly makes the chip worthy of the over-the-top price tag? Ingredients. Specifically, special ingredients like Matsutake mushroom handpicked (with cotton gloves, if we might add) from the pine forests around Skelleftea, Truffle seaweed hauled from the cold tides around the Faroe Islands, Crown Dill from the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden, Swedish town Leksand’s onion (which is only harvest on August 10 every year), and last but not the least, India Pale Ale Wort which happens to one of the ingredient to create the brewer’s India Pale Ale.

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The World’s Most Expensive Potato Chip

And oh yes, as for the main ingredient, which would be the potatoes, if you haven’t already guessed, they are made from Ammarnäs potatoes grown on the steep, stony hillside of Ammarnäs and cook to perfection accordance to chef Pi Le’s recipe – handcrafted, no less. I am guessing the bulk of the cost is attributed by the limited number of potatoes turned out by Ammarnäs and also likely, the difficulty and danger in harvesting them. But those are just my hopeless justification for its somewhat ridiculous price. Anyways, notwithstanding the high price, the first wave of this pricey snack has already been snapped up. Ok. Maybe the price isn’t exactly prohibitive. The only question is: would splurge on these potato chips, or would rather have Pringles?

The World’s Most Expensive Potato Chip
And this is what a 11 dollar chip looks like…

Images courtesy of S: t Eriks.

S: t Eriks via Luxury Launches

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