Ford Self-braking Shopping Trolley

Clearly, in an effort to promote its pre-collision assist technology, Ford has developed a prototype, wait for this… shopping trolley. But not just any supermarket trolley (or shopping cart, if you will), mind you. It is one that’s capable of self-braking if it detects an imminent collision. Under normal circumstances, supermarket trolley don’t collide into each other.

Ford Self-braking Shopping Trolley

But that would be a different story if kids were to take the reins. With kids handling it in mind, Ford has designed an exceedingly futuristic-looking supermarket shopping cart that not only smashes the design conventions of supermarket trolley, but also in functionality.

It is not self-driving though (yet); you will still need to push it along. It does, however, have a sensor to detect fellow shoppers and other objects, so that it could step on the brakes if a collision is deemed imminent. So, kids, your supermarket aisle racetrack is a lot safer with this high-tech trolley. Not that parents should encourage or even encourage their younglings do that, but hey, kids gotta do what kids do best when they are being struck by a mundane activities like grocery shopping.

This is not a joke by the American automaker, btw. It is part of a series of Ford’s effort to use the automotive technology the company developed to deal with everyday problems. The Ford Self-braking Shopping Trolley is certainly not the first. Previously, it has developed a soundproof kennel for dogs, a smart beds that make sure selfish sleepers get back to their own side, and a baby crib that simulates a moving car so your young one could sleep soundly.

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Images: Ford.

Source: Ford Europe via designboom.