Free Key Press-To-Open Key Ring

Free Key Press-To-Open Key Ring
(photos: Free Key) Free Key Press-to-Open Key Ring | US$tba |

inserting keys into a traditional key ring can be described as a simple but yet agonizing process. often than not, we tend to break our nails just trying to do so but this nail-breaking ordeal is about change – if you have the Free Key – The Press-To-Open Key Ring, a clever and easy to use flat key ring designed by Eric von Schoultz. this sand-blasted stainless steel key ring features a leverage that enables user to easily lift and slip the keys in. granted, it does not involve rocket science but that’s exactly why we dig it so much. key ring is not something that anyone would think of further innovating it but here it is, a simple idea that could prove to be a real nail-saver – especially for ladies who treasure their lovely manicured fingernails. needless to say, we totally sold by the idea. hit the jump for a few more look.


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