futuristic DARPA Transformer is a flying car, literally

DARPA Transformer in Helicopter form 544px
(image credit: DARPA)

remember the cartoon M.A.S.K.? all the heroes and villains vehicle are dual-role vehicle. meaning they can transform into another mode of transport or transform itself from a family-friendly SUV into a weapon-loaded battle-ready transport. well, looks like the DARPA‘s Transformer is the real life M.A.S.K. vehicle – its a Humvee and a helicopter rolled into one.
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the DARPA Transformer is a Humvee on land with proper armor to protect itself from gunfire, blasts from improvised explosive devices (IED) and probably missile or rocket strikes. when situation arise, the Transformer can transform into a helicopter with a 27-foot wingspan that can basically fly anywhere to execute its mission, with soldiers, of course.

it is said to have an maximum ground speed of 65 mph (104.6 km/h) and an air speed of 150 mph (241.4 km/h). pretty neat huh? who knows this type of vehicle could be expanded beyond military. well, folks. welcome to the future.

DARPA Transformer in Humvee form 544px
(image credit: DARPA)

DARPA Transformer details 544px
(image credit: DARPA)

via CNET UK and DailyMail

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