FUUVI Pick is a digital camera and a USB Flash Drive

FUUVI Pick 544x368px
(credit: FUUVI) FUUVI Pick Digital Camera | ¥4,830.00 | www.fuuvi.com

with so many novelty USB in the market, you will be forgiven to think that FUUVI Pick is yet another fancy novel USB Flash Drive. well, not entirely true. it is a real working digital camera that’s good for both videoing and still images. measuring just 70 x 15 x 35 millimeters and weighs just a mere 24 grams, this camera can capture stills with a resolution of 1290 x 1024 (in JPG) with its 1.3MP sensor. video resolution is a modest 720 x 480 at 30 frames per second (fps) (in AVI). storage is via MicroSD card (max up to 16 GB) and downloading of data is as simply as popping off the end cap and insert its USB to your PC. essentially, this handy camera also doubles as a USB flash drive too. the FUUVI Pick has a price tag of ¥4,830 (about US$57).

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