Since NASA and G-Shock collaboration started in 2020, we have never missed featuring any of it. But this time, somehow, it slipped and it was a slip that cost you the opportunity to buy the watch. We apologized but more on that in a jiffy. On July 12, Casio America, Inc. announced the fourth timepiece that pays homage to NASA and the “desire for the moon and beyond”. However, this timepiece is a little different.

G-Shock x NASA DW6900NASA237 Wristwatch

For starters, unlike the previous three NASA wristwatches, this latest collab is not based on the iconic DW5600 silhouette; it is based on the popular round digital timepiece, DW6900.

And then, there is the way to acquire the timepiece. The G-Shock x NASA DW6900NASA237 cannot be purchased in a regular way like online stores or retail stores; it is only available for US$130, in the US, through a contest that ended on July 16, 2023.

See why we apologize. We don’t like it any more than you do. Also, can we just hate that this is happening? I mean making an item only available through a contest or sweepstakes? This is only fueling the scalpers which ends with true fans and collectors having to pay more.

G-Shock x NASA DW6900NASA237 Wristwatch

Notwithstanding the fact that anyone who has just read about this is not able to get their hands on one, we have to tell you about this timepiece because it looked fantastic.

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The fourth NASA cobranded timepiece rocks a crisp, matte white finish across its full resin case, bezel, and band which, when combine with the NASA logo on the lower band and “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” on the upper band as well as the US flag on the band loop, gives off the astronaut vibe.

The NASA/space theme does not end there. A depiction of the Earth can be found engraved on the case back, as well as appearing on the watch’s face when the EL backlight is activated.

G-Shock x NASA DW6900NASA237 Wristwatch

Completing the package is a special packaging featuring an outer box with the moon set against a semi-matte black background and an inner tin of black and white, emblazoned with the American flag and the brand’s logo

It is unfortunate that it has limited access. But if you are willing, you can find it being sold on eBay.

G-Shock x NASA DW6900NASA237 Wristwatch

Images: Casio.

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