Giant Analyst Hiroko Asami Shin Ultraman Diorama

Well, I certainly did not see this coming. And I’m pretty sure no fans of Ultraman do too. Japanese toymaker Kaiyodo has recently revealed that it will be releasing a new Shin Ultraman collectible, featuring the giant Hiroko Asami (played by Masami Nagasawa).

Giant Analyst Hiroko Asami Shin Ultraman Diorama

In the scene, SSSP analyst Hiroko Asami was turned into a skyscraper-size giant by Mefilas using the Beta System. During this time, Asami has no consciousness and was wandering aimlessly in Tokyo’s Hibiya area. So yeah, that one scene will soon be a diorama you can buy and add to your Shin Ultraman collectibles.

Details are non-existence at this point. From the lone image, it looks like the giant Hiroko may have articulated arms. We could be wrong.

Kaiyodo said it will share more information on the product soon.

Images: Kaiyodo [JP].