Every Holiday season, ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober is reminded that 2 million packages are stolen from the porch each year in the U.S. And every year since 2018, he made a Glitter Bomb to teach porch pirates a lesson. Two years on, there are still many porch thieves who hasn’t learned their lesson and so, on with the third Glitter Bomb, Glitterbomb 3.0.

Glitter Bomb 3.0 by Mark Rober

This time, it is more advanced. It has its own SIM card to upload footage to the Cloud and for remotely triggering sound to be play, LED lights that flash blue and red and white LEDs to light up the face of the thief, a couple of steel pins to prevent the outer sleeve to be put back, more of the finest glitter money can buy, and not one, not two, but four puke-inducing odor dispenser. The latter is now concoct with a dash of real skunk essence. Potent.

All these and more are packed inside an updated Cybertruck-inspired outer case with integrated handles coated with rodent glue on the underside – adding a little challenge for the perpetrator if he or she tries to carry it by any of the handles.

Glitter Bomb 3.0 by Mark Rober

There is another important improvement. Glitterbomb 3.0 now has a discreet charging point allowing it to be charge on a doormat with a discreet charger. In this way, the electronics inside are 100% juice ready to be snatched, regardless when the pirates come.

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While we applaud Rober for do this yet again, we are reminded of the sad fact that theft is a real problem even in a first world country. Even worst is, some of this porch pirates did it openly in front of the children. No. That’s not the worse. Some children even did and the parents not only condone it, but become partner in crime.

Anywho, continue reading for the said video. You will want to watch to the end because, Mark has revealed that Glitterbomb is going places; He has partnered with some friends to go after scammers using the Glitterbomb.

Images: YouTube (Mark Rober).

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