good old Voltron now lives as a 2GB USB flash drive

Voltron 2GB USB Drive 544x588px
(credit: ThinkGeek) Voltron 2GB USB Drive | US$36.99 |

Voltron may be part of our television history now but for those who fondly remember it and wish to relive the Voltron days, you can with the Voltron 2GB USB drive. it not only lets you store 2 GB worth of data but its articulated arms and heads will keep you entertained during those dull moments in the office. it even has a sword to match which can be fitted to its hands or feet (why would Voltron hold a sword on its feet? i am totally baffled).
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interestingly, Voltron promised not to bore you even when you dismembered it and plug its upper torso to your computer – its chest will light up when you are doing your data transfer. doesn’t sound like much but tell me which USB flash drive in the market flashes their chest while doing its data transfer? none, i suppose. oh, if buy this item, you will be treated to a fully remastered episode of the classic Voltron cartoon preloaded in the flash drive. fans of Voltron, rejoice!

you can get Voltron 2GB USB Drive for just $36.99.

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