Goodbye All of Evangelion Pixel Animation

The mention of Evangelion brings to mind the high-tech armored-restrained, giant creatures and so, it is kind of strange to create a tribute animation without it.

Goodbye All of Evangelion Pixel Animation

What am I talking about? After so many years and so many movies, Evangelion is more than just a giant mecha piloted by adolescents kicking aliens’ asses and their emotional struggles like daddy issues. It is about humanity (and someone or some organization trying to hit the humanity reboot button), presented with a (very) heavy religious undertone.

Anyways, a Japanese animator has created a pixel animation tribute video to mark the end of the Evangelion story without the giant mechas, and yet, it still feels so lovely.

Goodbye All of Evangelion Pixel Animation

The tribute video, which its creator digital artist 最低やさいコーナー (@TokerulC) shared on Twitter and YouTube, is essentially a music video of the theme song of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, One Last Kiss by Hikaru Utada.

If you haven’t already watched the concluding movie of Evangelion, you may catch it on Prime Video, along with the first three Rebuild of Evangelion movies. Meanwhile, here’s the video by 最低やさいコーナー aka The Worst Vegetable Corner:

Image: YouTube (最低やさいコーナー).

via Anime News Network.