First previewed a year ago, the Google Pixel Tablet is finally official. To understand what the Google Pixel Tablet is… wait. It is not just a tablet? Well, TBH, it is more like the Google Nest Hub Max with a display that you can remove and use on its own because that it really is.

Google Pixel Tablet

Like the current range of Pixel devices, the new Google Pixel Tablet is also powered by the Google Tensor G2 chip and features a 10.95-inch 2,560 x 1,600 LCD display and four built-in speakers, wrapped in a sleek, aluminum enclosure with a unique nano-ceramic coating to enhance grip.

Google is quick to emphasize that over 50 Google apps are optimized for the new Pixel Tablet, including Google Meet. In the case of Google Meet, it can quickly adjust the lighting as you move around and brings HD video calling to the tablet (see, I told you is a NEST), so you look your best no matter what you’re doing.

Google Pixel Tablet

Also, the tablet comes with a Charging Speaker Dock. Again, that makes it feel like a Google Nest Hub Max that can be removed to be used as a tablet, doesn’t it? The dock does not only keep the tablet charged but the speaker function promises 4x the bass of the Pixel Tablet for room-filling sound.

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When docked with the Charging Speaker Dock and in Hub Mode, it can turn into a helpful home device that you can use hands-free. You can use it as a smart home controller, music and entertainment player, voice-activated helper, or digital photo frame. All of which is what Google NEST does.

Google Pixel Tablet

I am not saying that it is a NEST in a negative way. In fact, it is great that you can one device that does it or almost all. Especially when the device costs just US$499 and up.

Google Pixel Tablet

Images: Google.

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