If you’re thrilled about your Pixel Fold’s pre-order, you’d be searching the Internet for accessories to go with it. Well, if you are doing so, may we direct your attention to the dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass. These new products are apparently certified by Google, btw.

dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass
Pixel Fold Case.

Anyhoo, so, yeah, dbrand is taking pre-orders for Pixel Fold Skins, Pixel Fold Case, and Pixel Fold Glass. In the case of the Skins, you get to choose from the entire range of designs that are currently offered by dbrand, including the sweet and somewhat psychedelic Damascus range, pastel range, MKBHD’s Redcode Icons, and more.

Similarly, the Case is also offered with the same designs that the Skins has to offer. There’s not much to say about the skins and what I said may be biased since everything that needed a sticker, it’d be dbrand for me.

The case, on the other hand, has a feature that will please the lazy: an integrated kickstand. With the case on, you’d have access to the port and buttons. Dbrand claims that somehow it has managed to make the clicks on the buttons feel far better than they already are.

dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass
Pixel Fold Case.

The case promised military-grade impact resistance. But the super thin (2 mm thin, to be precise) case is super grippy – thanks to the invisible-to-naked-eyes textured dot on the microscopic ridges – which will prevent drops from happening in the first place.

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The case also protection for the cameras, while the raised lip, which protects the screen when placed screen-down, is chamfered edge along the case’s front lip offers full access to the top and bottom of the screen for all the gesture navigation needs.

Interestingly, this raised lip is not equal throughout. It has a crescent arc design that has lower sides to allow ease of edge-swiping.

dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass

Finally, there is the tempered glass screen protector for the external display. The Pixel Fold Tempered Glass Screen Protector features precise fit, polished edges to prevent slicing of your digits and oleophobic coating that keeps smudges out while remaining optically clear.

The screen protector comes with two pieces: one for use with the Pixel Fold Grip Case and another for everyone else.

If you are interested, you may pre-order the case (US$59.90/U.P. US$79.85), skins (US$16.95-US$34.95), and screen protector (US$24.95) now from dbrand.com.

dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass
Screen protector.

Images: dbrand.

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