if you are like us who has an insatiable appetite for good sounding and good looking speaker, then we are sure this pair, the Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speaker System, will appeal to you. while we can’t speak for its sound until we have a chance to audition it (but a bunch of pros have spoken), the rustic appeal and spec-sheet are enough to entice us. call us hopeless gadget-style addicts for all you want. we don’t give a damn. if it appeals to our eyes, we will dig it. anyways, the FSC certified solid walnut is used to lend aesthetic appeal and adds heft, while solid MDF enclosure helps to ensure consistent audio excellency regardless of your music preference.

hidden away behind the metal grill is a 5.25″ midbass woofer with neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils, unleashing 25 – 75watts of audio bliss. and for those who takes individualism with pride, you’d be glad to know the oil-finished walnut panels also means that no two pairs will be the same. as far as design is concerned, you can never go wrong with real wood finish and metal combo, and this is the speaker system that you will proudly display in your entertainment room, instead of trying ways and means to ‘blend’ in. well… you know what they say? if you got it, why not flaunt it? the Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speaker System is up for grab for $799 a pair.

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Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speaker System

Grain Audio via Uncrate

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