GTO Engineering Moderna V12 Sports Car

GTO Engineering has been mucking around with Ferrari road and race cars. In recent times, the UK-based engineering firm has stepped up its game by making its own sports car. It started with the classic 250-inspired 250 SWB Revival and more recently, a new sports car codenamed Moderna based on the classic 250 GTO.

GTO Engineering Moderna V12 Sports Car

Moderna is an answer for petrol heads who have longed for a classic look Ferrari from the 60s, but with modern technology. It will be powered by a quad-cam V12 engine. However, numbers were not offered.

The exotic ride with a retro-vibe will be dressed in a carbon fiber body and boasts aluminum hood and doors – for that “reassuring” close and feel of a classic car, and it has a more streamlined form which somehow managed to include the double bubble roof popular in the 60s and 70s.

GTO Engineering Moderna V12 Sports Car

Also present will be functional venting on the hood and on the arches. Based on the renders, the Moderna feels old and new at the same time. Speaking of new, aside from the CF being the obvious new, it also gets an updated electrics and internals for the lights, a new tubular steel chassis with aluminum sub frames, independent suspension all-round, powerful brakes and larger wheels. Not a lot is known at this point.

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However, we do know that Moderna promised to be a sub-1,000 (2,204 lbs) sports car and it will, no doubt, be a very pricey automobile. If anyone’s interested, you may get in touch with GTO Engineering to go through the specification and how you may order one. And yes, it is totally for sale for anyone who has the dough to drop.

Images: GTO Engineering.